Damascus doctrine

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Damascus doctrine by Mind Map: Damascus doctrine

1. projects

1.1. Conducting operations with the armed forces.

1.2. seeks to become the axis of the transformation of the Military Forces

1.3. In the future,the army will continue to be the shield of the country and will allow Colombians to have peace and tranquility.

2. Strategies

2.1. Your battlefields

2.1.1. doctrine

2.1.2. Discipline

2.2. Specialization

2.3. Skills

3. Damascus

3.1. New missions in the National Army

3.2. Intelligence projects

3.3. Negotiation plans

3.4. Negotiation for the war

4. Functions

4.1. The functions of the damascus doctrine are to implement advanced developments in a combat field where we can improve the strategies countries to achieve this joint doctrine that will allow us to be more united to achieve great changes.