The 6 Features of a curriculum

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The 6 Features of a curriculum by Mind Map: The  6 Features of a curriculum

1. who do the teacher teach

1.1. the learners

1.1.1. Background, individual development, Multiple intellingences

1.1.2. the most important factors in the learning environment

1.1.3. the center stage in the educative process

2. who teachs?

2.1. the teacher

2.1.1. the center stage in the education process

2.1.2. Good teacher

2.1.3. Quality teachers

3. what do the teachers teach?

3.1. knowledge, skill,values

3.1.1. design a curriculum

3.1.2. prepare syllabus or a course of study

3.1.3. the learners understand and succeed in the new work in the workplace.

3.1.4. Balance of theory and practice

4. with whom do we teach?

4.1. community partners

4.1.1. teacher must established relationship with parents

4.1.2. Change their attitude to their communities

4.1.3. Change the attitude of their communities and societies about them

5. How much of the teaching was learned

5.1. performance

5.1.1. a feature of a curriculum that should be given emphasis

5.1.2. a good curriculum is one that results in high or excellent

6. How do teachers teach?

6.1. Strategies and Methods

6.1.1. resources

6.1.2. teaching methods

6.1.3. learning activities

6.1.4. Instructional materials