Week 1 Learning

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Week 1 Learning by Mind Map: Week 1 Learning

1. Analytical Tools


2. Learning Philosophy

2.1. already designed a philosophy off the back of this early learning to support our L&D strategy which has been so helpful

3. Organisational Design

3.1. The different design and structures of organisations and therefore the different needs from an L&D perspective

4. L&D Interdepencies

4.1. Bigger picture - thinking outside my organisation at the Wide World and not just my own L&D lens

4.2. How L&D overlaps other areas of the HR function for example I lead on Wellbeing and there is so many synergies

5. Diverse student cohort

5.1. So many people from so many backgrounds and places - great :)

5.2. Already building connections and sharing knowledge - the force is strong with this cohort!

6. Navigating the VLC

6.1. understanding the key features, watching the pre-recorded sessions, getting used to the look and feel of the course

7. Personal challenges

7.1. I need to plan and protect study time

7.2. Balancing work, study and homelife (being a parent) is tough but not impossible

7.3. Being Dyslexic learning is never easy, this applies to this learning but if it's fun and accessible then anything is possible

8. Applying learning

8.1. The beauty of the learning is that it can be applied immediately and I've already started doing so e.g. the learning philosophy was so well timed :)

8.2. Also sharing my learning. As I head up the L&D function and have staff I can share knowledge and best practice.