Some Useful Principles for Initiatives

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Some Useful Principles for Initiatives by Mind Map: Some Useful Principles for Initiatives

1. Intentionally reduce the number of features/changes in a deliverable

1.1. the trick is to still deliver a meaningful & valuable increment

2. Less features, more often

2.1. Directives

2.1.1. AND incrementally roll out the changes the number of people impacted/affected by deliverable

2.2. Benefits

2.2.1. Deliver valuable outcomes earlier

2.2.2. Lowers exposure to typical risks because: earlier (actual!) demonstration of technical feasibility (actual!) demonstration of meaningful progress feedback on (actual!) benefits realization opportunity to course correct (micro or macro adaption) or move planned investment (budget) to a different initiative minimize blast radius less people and less functionality impacted, if things go wrong or feature "wrinkles" need ironing out

2.2.3. Reduces impact related to change and transition management

3. Provide focus

3.1. Directives

3.1.1. Remove distractions Distractions are anything that is stopping people from actively making progress on the most important piece of work

3.1.2. Reduce need for firefighting fires are also distractions but can become important

3.1.3. Nevertheless derisk and prepare the upcoming work (runway) tomorrow's risks soon become today's issues

4. Adapt the plan

4.1. Directives

4.1.1. Change the plan as new insights are gained

4.1.2. Make the change transparent to all stakeholders

5. Identify and address bottlenecks and impediments

5.1. What do we wait on or slows us down that impacts most our progress?

5.1.1. decisions

5.1.2. expert knowledge

5.1.3. skills

5.1.4. dependencies people teams systems