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Architecture by Mind Map: Architecture

1. Motherboard

1.1. Motherboard – this is the main Board computer. At her fasten operational memory, video card, processor, fan. On it also be chip with BIOS and battery for it works.

1.1.1. RAM memory with random access - energy-dependent part of the system computer memory in which temporarily stored data and commands required to the processor to run it operations.

1.1.2. Video card-device, transform graphic image stored as the contents of computer memory or the adapter itself, in another form designed for further withdrawal of the screen monitor's. Currently, this the main function of lost the value in the first place under graphics card you know device with graphic processor-graphic accelerator, which deals with the formation of the graphic image.

1.1.3. Drive device computer that allows read / write information to the media informations. Basic the purpose of the drive within the concept of memory hierarchy — organization of long-term memories.

1.1.4. Central processor— the electronic control unit either chip-performer machine instructions (code programs), the main part hardware computer or programmable logic controller. Sometimes called by microprocessor or simply processor.

1.1.5. Cooler (persistent. cooler-cooler) - in application to computer topics — slang computer name the device — set the fan and radiator installed on electronic components of the computer increased heat dissipation (usually more than 5 W) : CPU, the graphics processor chip chipset, power supply.

2. Peripheral device

2.1. Webcam-digital video or camera, capable in real time of locking images, designed for further transmission by the Internet (in the programs type Skype, Instant Messenger or any other video application.)

2.1.1. Image scanner — reading device two-dimensional (flat) pictures and views it in the scanning electron form. Then it is possible software processing data obtained for the purpose of recognition of scanned text or vectorization graphics.

2.2. The printer (from the English. print) - peripheral device a computer designed to translate text or graphics on a physical medium from an electronic form

2.3. Computer power supply — secondary source power supply, intended for supply to computer components electric energy direct current as well as network conversions voltage to set values'.

3. Hard drive

3.1. The hard disk in the computer slang "Winchester", " screw» — storage device, based on the principle magnetic recording. Is the primary data storage in most computers.

4. Monitor

4.1. Monitor-a device for displaying images generated by other devices (such as computers).

5. Keyboard

5.1. Keyboard-a device that is a set of buttons (keys) designed to control any device or to enter information. As a rule, buttons pressed with fingers. There are however, and sensory.

6. mouse

6.1. The manipulator "mouse" (like a "mouse" or "mouse") is a manipulator, converts mechanical motion into cursor movement on screen.