Working towards a sustainable future.

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Working towards a sustainable future. by Mind Map: Working towards a sustainable future.

1. population

1.1. population control

1.1.1. birth control limit to 2 children per couple

1.1.2. sexual education

1.1.3. make contraception widely available

2. water

2.1. water not available in all parts of the world

2.1.1. desalinisation

2.1.2. human right to have access to clean water

2.2. clean water not available

2.2.1. distribute filters and water disinfectants

2.2.2. develop easy ways to disinfect water

2.2.3. create potable water fountains

3. reduce poverty

3.1. homelessness

3.1.1. shelters

3.2. starvation

3.2.1. food banks

3.3. below poverty line

3.3.1. fund raising

3.3.2. charity

4. environment

4.1. climate change

4.1.1. global warming To reduce global warming reduce carbon emissions reduce deforestation

4.2. pollution

4.2.1. soil pollution sustainable agriulture less waste in landfills recycling reuse reduce

4.2.2. water pollution reduce one-time plastic use use multiple use material don't dump waste in water treat sewage and use it for agriculture reduce oil spills

4.2.3. air pollution reduce toxic gas emissions from factories don't use diesel cars plant trees

4.2.4. noise pollution limit the time that big machinery can be active on the streets mandatory wear of ear protection in factories

4.2.5. light pollution switch off street lights during specified times

5. Energy resources

5.1. don't use

5.1.1. coal

5.1.2. oil

5.1.3. gas

5.2. use

5.2.1. wind

5.2.2. solar

5.2.3. tidal

5.2.4. hydroelectric

5.2.5. wave

5.2.6. biofuel

6. clients

6.1. eco warriors

6.2. young educated people

6.3. teachers

6.4. students

6.5. less privileged people

6.6. charities

6.7. large corporate business who want to give back to the community

7. health care

7.1. too expensive

7.1.1. services make public health care available to all

7.1.2. medication reduce pricing of medication

7.2. not available everywhere

7.2.1. make health care accessible in all areas

8. education

8.1. too expensive

8.1.1. make good public education available to all

8.2. not available everywhere

8.2.1. make public education accessible everywhere

9. Equality

9.1. gender

9.1.1. equal rights to education

9.1.2. equal pay

9.1.3. equal opportunity at work

9.1.4. right to drive a car

9.2. race

9.2.1. equal rights to education

9.2.2. equal pay

9.2.3. equal access to health care

9.2.4. fair trial

9.2.5. equal opportunity at work

9.3. religious beliefs

9.3.1. respect religious beliefs

9.3.2. don't commit mass genocide

9.4. social class

9.4.1. equal access to health care

9.4.2. equal access to eduction

9.4.3. equal access to food and water

10. Animal rights

10.1. no poaching

10.2. no hunting

10.3. no abuse

10.4. don't destroy their habitat

10.4.1. preserve natural reserves

10.5. don't pollute their habitat

10.5.1. reduce deforestation plant more trees stop cutting down trees

11. Materials

11.1. find new sustainable materials

11.2. don't use materials that release toxic gases during production

11.3. don't use materials that release toxic gases during decomposition

11.4. don't use non-biodegradable material