Fantasy Literature in America

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Fantasy Literature in America by Mind Map: Fantasy Literature in America

1. Fantasy is a form of literary genre in which a plot cannot occur in the real world.

2. The most interesting thing about fantasies is that their plot involves witches, sorcerers, mythical and animal

3. Types of Fantasy

3.1. Modern Folktales

3.2. Animal Fantasy

3.3. Toy Fantasy

3.4. Magical Fantasy

3.5. Science Fiction

4. Authors

4.1. edgar allan poe

4.2. Mary Shelley

4.3. Lewis Carroll

4.4. Jonathan Swift

5. ..

5.1. Alice Adventures in Wonderland

5.2. Gulliver’s Travels

5.3. Frankenstein

5.4. Charlie and Chocolate Factory

6. Sub Genres

6.1. Romance Fantasy

6.2. Comic Fantasy

6.3. Dark Fantasy

6.4. Epic Fantasy

6.5. Heroic Fantasy

6.6. Mystery Fantasy

6.7. Magic Realism

7. Conclusion

7.1. Myth and legend has been an important part of culture since the beginning. Literature began with these stories

7.2. Fantasy opens the door to experiencing the magic that is in the world around us and more importantly the magic in ourselves.

8. History

8.1. Fantasy Fiction has a rich history of inspirations for critics to dissect and apply to the modern genre. It is often examined as the modern counterpart to mythology, but whether one of these practices inspired the other, and which inspired which, is hotly debated.

8.2. It is certainly interesting that many people for many generations believed in myth and legend in a way that dramatically affected their life and their culture.

8.3. Stories of the Odyssey, Arthur, and the like have influenced and shaped culture for centuries. Heroic fantasy yearns for a time of rigid class distinction, when good and evil were a part of breeding

8.4. In fantasy, the reader may return to a simpler time - the world as we wish it might be.