Bulding mannaging

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Bulding mannaging by Mind Map: Bulding mannaging

1. About us

1.1. About us page

1.2. Our experience/Portefolio

1.3. Our team

2. Managment

2.1. Bulding appartements (plexes)

2.1.1. Software for landlord/owners informations (free for costumers on contract) -Buying software (option)

2.1.2. List of things to verified on building for landlord/owners on property and lots of information -Buying option for list (picture of the list blurried showing categories of content) -Important information for owners ( ex: how to increase rents, smart renovation e.t.c )

2.1.3. Renting process Ligue des propriéraire registration for credit chek Included fees for costumers on contract Service optional for any none contract costumer ( we need to get discount from Ligue des proprietaire to equalize their price) Find new tenents Picking up rents------ obligated post dated chek Documents for bail + renewal

2.1.4. Insurances If we can get discounts from insurance company

2.2. Commercial property

2.3. Condos association

2.4. Houses for rents

2.4.1. Find partners (insurance company)

2.5. Rbnb

2.5.1. Software for renters

3. Maintnance (programme dentretien d'immeuble)

3.1. Ménager

3.1.1. Evaluation for estimation Free estimate for client signed with us Minimum charge for vist to give quote

3.2. Paysagement

3.2.1. Evaluation for estimation Free estimate for contract client Free estimate for contract client Minimum charge for vist to give quote

3.3. Page for advices

3.3.1. Security tips e.t.c

4. Building evaluation

4.1. Get a realestate evaluator

5. Property inspection

5.1. Inspection for costumers on contract (20% saving)

5.1.1. V.S full price for none contractor client

5.2. Need to find good inspector. Get discount from our volume

6. Renovations

7. Contact us

8. Forfait

8.1. Base 30$/units (Minimum 5 plex)

8.1.1. Inscription ligue des proprietaire

8.1.2. Program for landlord

8.1.3. List of what to chek on property + maintenance list

8.1.4. 20% discount on inspections

8.2. Plus

8.2.1. Inscription ligue des proprietaire

8.2.2. Program for landlord

8.2.3. List of what to chek on property

8.2.4. Complete maintenance

8.2.5. Pick up rents service

9. In law consulting

9.1. Find lawyer specialized for any questions from costumers

10. products

10.1. Buying software gestion(option)

10.2. -General inspection list + Important info to be good owner

10.3. Rbnb software

10.4. -Managment Software (land loards and owners)