While Reading Strategies

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While Reading Strategies by Mind Map: While Reading Strategies

1. include

1.1. Context Clues

1.1.1. using hints provided by the author to understand a difficult or unusual word or phrase

2. include

2.1. Visualization

2.1.1. create the reader's ability to create pictures or images in their minds based on the reading he/she sees or hears.

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3.1. Making Inferences

3.1.1. involves using prior knowledge and ideas the reader is already familiar with to guess what he/she doesn't know - READING BETWEEN THE LINES

4. include

4.1. Asking & Answering

4.1.1. engages readers to challenge assumptions, expose contradictions, leads to new knowledge, promotes critical thinking skills and even at lower levels, engages the reader with the text

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5.1. Paraphrasing

5.1.1. translates the authors ideas into the reader's own words, helping him/her focus on relevant information, and retaining main ideas and supporting details

6. include

6.1. Asking for Clarification

6.1.1. teaches readers to recognize when they don't understand a text and need to implement strategies to restore meaning, causing them to become newly engaged with the text and monitor their comprehension as they read