Types of education in a second language

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Types of education in a second language by Mind Map: Types of education in a second language

1. Inmmersion

1.1. These programs start at various points in a child's school career

1.1.1. Early (kindergarden)

1.1.2. Mid (9-10)

1.1.3. Late (secondary)

1.2. It may be partial or total in terms of the amount of curriculum delievered

1.3. The MoI is normally a high-status language

1.4. Usually higher SES

1.5. Concern about lack of accuracy in productive skills

2. Minority

2.1. Provides for the schooling of language minorities

2.2. Children learn the curriculum in L2

2.3. Usually lower SES

2.4. Focuses on CALP

3. Bilingual

3.1. Maintenance

3.1.1. Aims to maintain an endangered language alive

3.2. Dual-language

3.2.1. Aims to produce bilingual and multicultural learners

4. English-medium

4.1. The MoI for the majority of learners is an L2

4.2. Common in developng countries with multiples languages

4.3. Usually low SES

4.3.1. Weak CALP

5. Foreign Language programmes

5.1. Students' home language is national language

5.2. Low levels of bilingual proficiency

5.3. Use of CLIL approaches

5.4. Limited exposure to the additional language

6. International schools

6.1. Promotion of international education

6.1.1. Adopting a curriculum

6.1.2. Following a non-local school curriculum

6.2. Most students are not nationals of the host country

6.3. Expertise in CLI-Instuction