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The Joy of Grace-Based Living by Mind Map: The Joy of Grace-Based Living
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The Joy of Grace-Based Living

Based on Romans 5:1-5 Every believer in Christ has a right standing with God, and can therefore walk in spiritual confidence!

How Most of Us Live

Based on rules

For the approval of others

For our own version of success

Our State vs. Our Standing

John Phillips talks about the difference between our standing as believers, and our state as believers. Our standing is that we are perfect and righteous, and that we are released from any condemnation. But our state is that we are imperfect, struggling to break free of sin, and experiencing not the wrath of God, but His chastisement.

Our standing is as forgiven, purified, and at peace with God.

Our state is "in progress."

How to Walk In Spiritual Confidence

TRUST in a past event - the cross.

One of the greatest ways we can grow our faith is to act in faith. If we’ve turned in trust to Jesus as Savior, then we need to walk in the reality that we have been justified of our sins. We will never feel fully saved as long as our feet get dirty in this world. Satan will remind us of our past and our consciences will disturb us and plant question marks in our minds. But if we’ve asked Jesus to save and forgive us, then let us walk in the victory of that forgiveness.

ACCEPT our present possessions.

ANTICIPATE an awesome, eternal future.

We are guaranteed the hope of glory. We are guaranteed that our PRESENT SUFFERING COUNTS!