The Joy of Grace-Based Living

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The Joy of Grace-Based Living by Mind Map: The Joy of Grace-Based Living

1. How Most of Us Live

1.1. Based on rules

1.2. For the approval of others

1.3. For our own version of success

2. Our State vs. Our Standing

2.1. Our standing is as forgiven, purified, and at peace with God.

2.2. Our state is "in progress."

3. How to Walk In Spiritual Confidence

3.1. TRUST in a past event - the cross.

3.2. ACCEPT our present possessions.

3.2.1. We have PEACE with God.

3.2.2. We have ACCESS to God's Grace.

3.2.3. We have an outpouring of God's LOVE.

3.2.4. We have the gift of God's HOLY SPIRIT.

3.3. ANTICIPATE an awesome, eternal future.