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CheXish(Cherish) by Mind Map: CheXish(Cherish)

1. Fun Experience

2. Knowledgebase Experience

3. Story Telling Experience

4. Tag Line 1) Have a Break, Have a Cherish! 2) Think, Feel, Cherish!

5. Cultural/Spiritual Experience

6. Coaching Experience

7. Acrobat/Yoga/Exercise Experience

8. Cooking Experience

9. Workshop/Event Experiences

10. Special Day Experience

11. Welcome Login/Register Nearby City Search Popular Experience Select by Type/Category Select by Age Group/Gender Unique/Custom Experience Daily Offer Gift Vouchers Attributes As below Min. Person Rq. Age Group Time Address Contact Details Verification Method(2way) Payment Method Criteria Select Vendor/Rating/Reviews Pricing/hour Calendar Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Subscription

12. DIY Experience