Intelligent Traffic Light Control

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Intelligent Traffic Light Control by Mind Map: Intelligent Traffic Light Control

1. Traffic Simulator

2. Multi-agent

2.1. Think

2.1.1. Set of rules

2.2. Act

2.3. Visit Hirankitti, Jaturapith Krohkaew, Christopher J. Hogger: A Multi-Agent Approach for Intelligent Traffic-Light Control. World Congress on Engineering 2007: 116-121

3. Decentralised Progressive Signal Systems

3.1. seft-learning capabilities

3.2. distributed control system

3.3. Sven Tomford, Holger Prothmanny, Fabian Rochner, Jurgen Brankey, Jorg Hahner, Christian Muller-Schloer, Decentralised Progressive Signal Systems for Organic Traffic Control, 2008

4. Genetic Algorithm

4.1. Dynamic Time

4.2. Queue Time

4.3. K. T. K. Teo W. Y. Kow and Y. K. Chin, Optimization of Traffic Flow Within an Urban Traffic Light Intersection with Genetic Algorithm, IEEE, 2010

5. AI Planning Based Modeling Method

5.1. Fuzzy Rules

5.2. Chenmu Yu, Shuhua Liu, Yu Zhang, Jie Liu, Research on AI Planning Based Modeling Method for Area Traffic Signal Control, IEEE, 2009

6. Means of Adaptive Routing

6.1. Routing Algorithm

6.2. Cristian Gratie, Adina Magda Florea, Alleviating Urban Traffic Congestion by Means of Adaptive Routing, IEEE, 2009

7. microscopic models

7.1. Marco Wiering, Jelle van Veenen, Jilles Vreeken, and Arne Koopman, Intelligent Traffic Light Control, 2004

8. Extension Neural Network

8.1. Traffic light system

8.2. Traffic flow control.

8.3. Kuei-Hsiang Chao et al. 2008