race to the cloud

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race to the cloud by Mind Map: race to the cloud

1. bright side of the cloud

1.1. easy implementation

1.2. near-unlimited scalability

1.3. high reliability

1.4. financial benefit

1.4.1. 0 upfront cost

1.4.2. pay as you use pricing model reduction in capital expenditure

1.4.3. no hardware cost

1.4.4. transfer of regulatory cost

1.5. flexibility

2. Dark side of the cloud

2.1. migration issues/delays

2.1.1. cost goes up by $x because on-prem system could not be migrated

2.1.2. legacy system that can't be migrated

2.2. vendor lock in

2.3. price hike uncertanities

2.4. Security gone wrong

2.5. not clearly understanding public cloud shared responsibility model

2.5.1. being on cloud does not mean risk transferred to the public cloud provider.

2.5.2. understand due care and due diligence

2.6. Forecasting gone wrong

2.6.1. Capacity Forecasting in a pay as you use pricing model is a must