Mental Thought Process

Mind map (Mental)

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Mental Thought Process by Mind Map: Mental Thought Process

1. Remember/Remembered

1.1. "I remembered I had promised to take Bill's friend Edna to see the bulls go through the street and into the ring." -Ch.17

1.2. "Might remember a little," Bill said. -Ch.8

1.3. "They did not even remember that he was middleweight boxing champion." -Ch.1

1.4. "I was very drunk. I was drunker than I ever remembered having been." -Ch. 18

1.5. "I knew that if they remembered me their friendship would be loyal." -Ch.19

1.6. "You don't remember anything about a date with me at the Crillon?" -Ch. 7

1.7. "You see, he was so busy all the time that we were living together, writing on this book, that he doesn't remember anything about us." -Ch. 6

1.8. "Had a nigger in it. Remember the nigger perfectly." -Ch.8

1.9. "Remember something about a prize-fight. Enormous Vienna prize-fight." -Ch.8

1.10. "I don't remember what it was about, but it was a lovely dream." - Ch.12

1.11. "It was like certain dinners I remember from the war." -Ch.13

1.12. "Spider Kelly not only remembered Cohn." -Ch.1

1.13. "Go on. Take that drink and remember." -Ch.8

2. Forgot/Forget

2.1. "Yes, about my going to England. Oh, Jake! I forgot to tell you. I'm going to England." -Ch. 6

2.2. "It was a long time since I had dined with aÊpoule, and I had forgotten how dull it could be." - Ch. 3

2.3. "I stopped and read the inscription: from the Bonapartist Groups, some date; I forget." -Ch.4

2.4. "Oh, forget about it," Robert Cohn said. -Ch.10

2.5. "We'll fish together again, some time. Don't you forget it, Harris." -Ch.13

2.6. "No. I must forget English." -Ch.16

2.7. "Don't forget it, yet," Brett said. -Ch. 16

3. Realize/ed

3.1. "He was not in love yet but he realized that he was an attractive quantity to women, and that the fact of a woman caring for him and wanting to live with him was not simply a divine miracle." -Ch.2

3.2. "Do you realize you've lived nearly half the time you have to live already?" -Ch.2

3.3. I was a little ashamed, and regretted that I was such a rotten Catholic, but realized there was nothing I could do about it, at least for a while..." - Ch.10

3.4. "Romero had the old thing, the holding of his purity of line through the maximum of exposure, while he dominated the bull by making him realize he was unattainable, while he prepared him for the killing." -Ch.15

3.5. "I realized that right away." -Ch.19

4. Figure/ed

4.1. "Don't you think that's bright of me to figure that out?" -Ch. 6

4.2. "I figured that all out once, and for six months I never slept with the electric light off." -Ch.14

4.3. "I figured rapidly back in my mind." -Ch.6