Counting Money:1st grade

Caroline clark Instructional Video Part:2

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Counting Money:1st grade by Mind Map: Counting Money:1st grade

1. materials needed

1.1. coins

1.1.1. quarters

1.1.2. nickels

1.1.3. dimes

1.1.4. pennies

1.2. pencil

1.3. paper

2. Schedule

2.1. Different coins and monopoly money

2.1.1. Project specifications

2.1.2. End User requirements

2.1.3. Action points sign-off

2.2. Phase 1

2.2.1. take the money and sepearte it on the table

2.2.2. explain how much each coin is worth

2.2.3. explain why the size on the money does not matter

2.3. Phase 2

2.3.1. key terms quarter dime nickle penny

2.4. Phase 3

2.4.1. practice by writing the amountof money on the board

2.4.2. have stuents use their coins to display the amount of money written

2.5. Phase 4

2.5.1. independent working time hand out counting worksheet have the students work independently on the worksheet have them talk to the people at their table to chack their worksheets

2.6. struggling

2.6.1. allow struggling students to use their coins on the worksheet

2.7. enrichment activity

2.7.1. have the student tell you how much each one is worth without using the coins

3. Content

3.1. coin song.wmv

3.1.1. Help memorize song

3.2. Top 10 Epic Intros in Classical Music [HD]

3.2.1. Intoduction Music

4. Introduction

4.1. Hi, my name is Caroline and I am going to be teaching you how to count money.

4.2. ask students to name the different coins that are used in the United States

4.3. further explain to the students the different ones and what they are called and how much they are worth

5. Close

5.1. Ask if they have any questions.

5.2. credits and rousources

5.3. Ask the class as a whole to tell how much each coin is worth while putting an image on the board and apply a summary of what has been taught overall.