Environmental indicators of the soil


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Environmental indicators of the soil by Mind Map: Environmental indicators of the soil

1. applications

1.1. farming

1.2. cattle raising

1.3. building

1.4. mineral extraction

1.5. waste dispostal

1.6. recreation

2. Quality indicators

2.1. Environmental Quality

2.2. Promote plant, animal and human health

2.3. Productivity and properties

2.3.1. physical indicators soil texture soil depth infiltration and bulk density soil compaction

2.3.2. Chemical Indicators water quality buffer capacity water availability nutrient availability carbon pH conductivity phosphate absorption organic material change nitrogen

2.3.3. biological indicators Biomass production water retention soil temperature

3. condition of the indicators

3.1. integrators

3.2. easy to measure

3.3. objective information and easy to recognize

3.4. allow changes and differences

3.5. reflect the sustainability attribute

3.6. sensitive to changes and degradation processes

3.7. sensitive to changes and degratation processes