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1. What encompasses your 2nd year?

1.1. "Moving from dorms to apartments"

1.1.1. "Finding a major and classes you enjoy" "Meeting new people and learning what college is like"

2. How do we shape the academic experience to help students choose what they want to major/ minor in?

2.1. "Make the major fairs more accessible"

2.1.1. "Allow classes outside the college" "Have uva majors and have alum post about what they liked about their major / classes ect."

3. How are 2nd years engaging with faculty during this year to help navigate important academic choices?

3.1. "Getting recommendations from professors and advice on which majors may be intriguing to you"

3.1.1. "Having an advisor in a major you are interested in, this could be set up earlier by communicating with your advisor and seeing if you can change." "Asking professors about how they suggest getting to a certain career, think ahead, meeting with advisors being on track with credits."

4. How do we encourage resilience in the face of difficult academic, personal, and occupational challenges?

4.1. Deal with culture barriers, provide resources like forums and more counselors or peers to help you face challenges and talk about them."

4.1.1. "Continue to give students support like advisors or psychological resources like mental health facilities that are easily available." "Know other people are going through what you are, talk about it."

5. How do we support students as they transition from an intensive 1st year residential experience to a less structured 2nd year experience?

5.1. "Provide online support or online tips for living on your own (how to plan and cook for yourself)."

5.1.1. "Help students who don’t have living arrangements meet others and find people to live with that they will get along with." "It’s a huge adjustment and there's not a lot of support there, best if you are affiliated with something."

6. Would you like to branch out and meet others outside the soccer team / athletic community?

6.1. "Yes and no, as much as we have in common with athletes and the team it’s easier to gel with them, but it’s good to be exposed to new different people."

6.1.1. "Yes, I believe There are some amazing people at UVA I have yet to meet because it is hard to branch out of the athlete community, many of us have harsh time constraints and came from out of state."

7. How do we enhance relationships, bridge existing communities, and create new communities for those who have not yet found one?

7.1. "There are so many different communities and it’s hard to merge them, for example; sororities and fraternities, athletes, graduate school students, out of state students."

7.1.1. "Be willing to get involved and hear testimonies from people who got involved and had a great experience with it." "Get rid of the word NARP (non athletic regular people), have organizations to meet others with time commitments suitable for athletes."

8. What is your biggest accomplishment of your second year?

8.1. "Getting involved in clubs."

8.1.1. "Learning to live on my own and cook for myself"

9. How do we diversify communities?

9.1. "Make a online database or give 2nd years resources to meet new non athletes, also deal with the harsh time constraints of athletes."

9.1.1. "Encouraging non athletes to go to athletics events, continue to provide incentives like sabre points at athletic events." "Urge athletes to get involved in other things like clubs when they don’t always have time commitments to join sororities or fraternities."

10. What would you like to learn that you didn't your 2nd year?

10.1. I'd like to learn more about the application of college classes and majors in the real world, I feel like that was not clear when forced to choose a major."

10.1.1. "How to balance my time between everything that is going on in a college students life."