The Year of Dressing Formally

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The Year of Dressing Formally by Mind Map: The Year of Dressing Formally

1. Thesis

1.1. The way you dress has a major impact on the way you perceive yourself and the way that you are perceived by others.

1.2. Clothes are a means of communication.

2. Point Two: Childhood Experience

2.1. One of the main reasons why he dressed so sloppily and casually as he went through his career was because of the strict dress that he was accustomed to during his schooling years if 6 through 18. His school attire required him to wear a jacket and tie.

3. Point Three: Lead by Example

3.1. In turning his own dressing habits around, he hoped to mature in appearance. He wanted his students to "grow up." So, in turn, if he grew up, they theoretically would also by following his lead.

4. Point One: Research

4.1. Used several different mediums of research including many books through different time periods and different internet websites.

5. Point Four: Physique & Complexion

5.1. Fit & Proportion come before everything else

5.2. He had to take into account his age, rank, and the task at hand in order to dress properly.

6. Turning Points

6.1. Mistakes in Makeover

6.1.1. Wanted to avoid ridicule.

6.1.2. In one instance he came to a meeting more formally dressed than the head person in charge: a major mistake.

6.2. Lifestyle Change

6.2.1. This new way of dressing not only boosted his confidence and changed his way of thinking, but also made him consider the other things in his life. He thought about how he drove a ten-year-old car and where he lived, etc.

6.3. Embracing his Age

6.3.1. In order to complete his makeover, he had to first embrace his age. This barrier would have kept him from being able to fulfill his goals.