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1. Definition

1.1. Etymologicially

1.2. Simplify

2. Characteristics

2.1. have such a limited systems

2.1.1. has expired or such discovery

2.1.2. its protection can be renewed

2.2. Exclusive and Absolute

2.2.1. for any violations committed by anyone

2.2.2. has been such a monopoly rights

3. Benefits

3.1. Providing legal protection for creators

3.2. Encouraging research and development activities

3.3. Providing flexibility to the creators

3.4. Increasing and protecting WIPOs will accelerate industrial growth,

3.5. Providing legal protection and at the same time as a driver of creativity

3.6. Increasing the productivity and competitiveness of Indonesian products.

4. Formations Histories

4.1. This law regulates the issue of patents

4.2. adopted by the British and United States empires

4.3. Paris Convention was formed for matters of patents, trademarks and designs

4.4. The two conventions then formed an administrative bureau called the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

4.5. dealing with the issues of intellectual property rights of UN members.

5. Type of WIPO

5.1. Copyrights

5.1.1. restrictions according to statutory regulations

5.1.2. valid invitation.

5.1.3. regulated in Law Documents No. 19 in 2002.

5.2. Patents

5.2.1. not such an expression of that idea.

5.2.2. o make another work whose function is the same

5.2.3. to make a work that works the same way as a patented idea.

5.2.4. regulated in Law Documents No. 14 in 2001.

5.3. Trademarks

5.3.1. used by business people to identify a product or service.

5.3.2. an be used by parties other than the owner

5.3.3. are enforced after the first use of the trademark or after registration.

5.3.4. regulated in Law Documents No. 15 in 2001.

5.4. Trade Secrets

5.4.1. were not published to the public

5.4.2. are protected as long

5.4.3. regulated in Law Documents No. 30 in 2000.

5.5. Geographycial Indication

5.5.1. is such a sign that shows the origin of an item

5.5.2. as natural factors and human factors that provide certain quality traits

5.5.3. regulated in Law Documents No. 31 in 2000.

5.6. Right to Layout Design of Integrated Circuits

5.6.1. is such a layout design of a product that is in the form of finished or semi-finished

5.6.2. is given exclusively by the state to its maker for a certain period of time to carry out its own or give it

5.6.3. regulated in Law Documents No. 32 in 2000.

5.7. Protection of Plant Varieties

5.7.1. is such a special right given to plant owners for the varieties of plants

5.7.2. can manage the variety himself

5.7.3. regulated in Law Documents No. 29 in 2000.