Second Language Acquisition.

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Second Language Acquisition. by Mind Map: Second Language Acquisition.

1. Mother Tongue

1.1. Native Language

2. Additional Language

2.1. Language that is learned after the MT

3. Foreign Language

3.1. Language that is not the MT

4. Second Language

4.1. Language that is learned in the enviroment where is spoken.

5. Heritage Language

5.1. Language passed by the parents

5.1.1. Cultural heritage

6. Interlanguage

6.1. Not polished language that a learner has.

7. Foreign Language Learning

7.1. The study of a second language

8. Child Language Acquisition

8.1. Science that study how first language is acquired.

9. Monolinguism

9.1. when there is only one N.L.

10. Bilinguism

10.1. when there are two N.L.

11. Multilinguism

11.1. When there are 3 or more N.L.

12. Naturalistic learners

12.1. No instruction of the language, learning it from the enviroment

13. Instructed learners

13.1. Learning the language with some kind of instruction (classes)

14. Target Language

14.1. The language that the learner want to study and learn.