Integrating Skills


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Integrating Skills by Mind Map: Integrating Skills

1. Speaking as preparation and stimulus.

1.1. Ask students to discuss topic.

1.2. Investigate their thoughts and feelings about topic.

2. Texts as models

2.1. Written and spoken texts are a vital way of providing models for them to follow,

2.2. Show actual reports and analyse their structure and style.

3. Texts as preparation and stimulus.

3.1. A controversial news article or a blog post. The audio of a story that stimulate the students to tell their own stories.

3.2. Written or spoken texts are used to stimulate the students into some other kind of work.

4. Integrated Tasks

4.1. Activities where the students integrate many of their skills such as reading, wirittng, speaking and listening

4.2. It is usually imposible to complete a task succesfully in one skill area without involving some other skill too.