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Tet holiday by Mind Map: Tet holiday

1. before Tet

1.1. The feast usually contists of BANH TRUNG or BANH TET, spring rolls, chicken and some other special food.

1.2. People package BANH TRUNG or BANH TET with their family

1.3. People often watch firework on New Year's Eve

1.4. They decorate the house

2. during 3 days

2.1. The children usually wear new clothes and go with their parents to visit their grandparents and relative.

2.2. The children are often given lucky money in redenvelopes.

2.3. No one in the family is allowed to sweep the floor

3. after Tet

3.1. The children are very happy because they are given lucky money.

3.2. Adult are comfortable because they are rested