TTP LabTech

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TTP LabTech by Mind Map: TTP LabTech

1. Late

1.1. UAT not signed

1.1.1. client accessing environment before UAT / project sign off

1.2. Hardware

1.2.1. annual leave use it or lose it holiday policy staff using leave at end of year despite being a heavy commitment time

1.2.2. Rushed shipment out Sales made commitments to client before confirming resources equipment shipped before config completed equipment shipped before config agreed

1.2.3. resources to prep not scheduled scheduling required

1.2.4. Hardware arrived late Hardware not prepped asap client expectations not adjusted

1.2.5. hardware arrived separately Hardware not prepped asap PS not informed of delivery and expectations

1.2.6. delivery estimates from supplier not correct build room not scheduled affected scheduling of resources, not expected to ship until after Xmas

1.3. Software

1.3.1. Veeam details for license received late ordered late

1.3.2. VMware registration email not confirmed delivered to client with no licenses applied

1.3.3. Microsoft license not available in time for config/delivery critical updates only until updated

1.4. Config

1.4.1. SoW not signed HLD and LLD delayed until sign off delivery date not delayed when client didn't sign with in time frame

1.4.2. LLD not signed work progressed with out sign off

1.4.3. HLD not signed work progressed with out sign off

2. Incorrect hardware

2.1. insufficient PDU points

2.1.1. discontinued part from original BOM Sales swapped out part number with out checking with pre-sales client loaned PDU to complete onsite work

2.2. SFP not suitable for HBA ordered

2.2.1. unable to connect hosts to SANs wrong advice received from supplier

3. Solution

3.1. ISP Config

3.1.1. client request broken in separate OPPs client expectation not met

3.2. Veeam config

3.2.1. client requested additional Veeam license for Hyper-V order not placed Request can't be fulfilled with existing Essentials bundle ordered incompatible requests not captured or communicated to client