Mission Statements SynergyPays, LLC

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Mission Statements SynergyPays, LLC by Mind Map: Mission Statements SynergyPays, LLC

1. GodIsMyUpline

1.1. Entrepreneurial Development for Believers in The Great Commission

1.2. Logo

2. DisciplePreneurs.club

2.1. Income generating opportunities

2.2. Empowering Modern day disciples into DisciplePreneurs with income generating opportunities aligned for God’s Glory.

2.3. Needs logo

3. GodsMarketPlace

3.1. Repurposing and Redeeming personal blessings to demonstrate obedience with Renewed Faith. Items sold or redeemed as “Thank You gifts” for the new members at TheDisciplePreneur.club as well as our Donors in the community

4. MercadoDeDios

4.1. Developing a Spanish Community Promotional Website That will lift up a Children’s Ministry in the Neighborhood.

4.2. Our Children’s Ministry will focus on developing Future Disciples.

4.2.1. Needs lovo