¨IR as an academic subject¨.

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¨IR as an academic subject¨. by Mind Map: ¨IR as an academic subject¨.

1. The traditional core of IR focus on states and the relation of states

2. Contemporary IR focus not only on states but other subjects such as

2.1. Eco interdependence.

2.2. Human rights

2.3. Transnational corporation

2.4. International Organ

2.5. The environment

2.6. Gender inequality

2.7. Development

2.8. Terrorism ,etc

3. IR thinking is influenced by other academic subjects such as Philosophy, history, law, sociology, or economics and also responds to historical and contemporary developments in real world.

4. There have been three major debates since IR became an academic subject in 1919.

4.1. Utopian liberalism and realism

4.2. Traditional approaches and behaviouralism

4.3. Neorealism/neoliberalism and neo-Marxism

5. There are 4 major theoretical traditions in IR

5.1. Realism

5.2. Liberalism

5.3. International security

5.4. IPE.