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Coffee by Mind Map: Coffee

1. As food

1.1. Plant

1.1.1. General A coffee tree is a woody perennial evergreen, covered with dark-green, waxy leaves growing opposite each other in pairs. They can grow 30 feet (9 m) high, but in cultivation, coffee trees are kept short for easier harvesting.

1.1.2. varieties Arabica 70% of production Robusta 30% of production Else ? (60 varieties?) mascarocoffea vianneyi (Madagascar, decaffeined)

1.1.3. Coffee cherry Outside skin / Exocarp Inside fruit / Mesocarp

1.2. Production

1.2.1. The Coffee Belt, A World Map of the Major Coffee Producers | Growing Harvesting Periods Process

1.2.2. Roasting Heat Variation Caffeol Motion

1.2.3. Blending

1.2.4. packaging & sell

1.3. Economy

1.3.1. Chain Producters Middle-men Wholesale buyers Roastery preparation to consumption packaging of the product HEL Meira HEL Teurastamo Buyers Store Coffe shop Individual

1.3.2. transport

1.3.3. FI MAIN Paulig 50% of the market

1.3.4. labels Fairtrade Max Havelaar Quality?

1.3.5. direct trade Slow appr 20€/KG

1.4. Waste

1.4.1. Reuse In the Netherlands spent coffee grounds equal renewable energy Using Coffee Cherry - The Coffee Cherry Company bio-bean #poweredbycoffee Coffee cups made from waste coffee grounds - MaterialDistrict Soil The Ground to Ground Primer – Coffee Grounds for the Garden

1.5. ECOLOGICAL impact

1.5.1. 140 L WATER for 1 CUP (// tea 8 times less

2. As beverage

2.1. Brewing

2.1.1. methods infusion Turkish coffee Pot Coffee slow café percolator expresso filtering "french" filtering machine pressed ALL-IN-ONE

2.1.2. Science / Alchemy Freshness of the beans Appropriate grind Expresso : very thin, powder-like (for 25sc brewing) Filter : thicker (for 5 to10mn brewing) Fresh clean water Proportion 2 table spoon of coffee for 6 ounces of water


2.2. Kinds

2.2.1. decaffeinated Caffein is washed away water vapor + scratching the beans Chemical solvent to extract the caffein + washing mascarocoffea vianneyi specie produce decaffeinated coffee

2.3. Consumption

2.3.1. Map International Coffee Organization - Historical Data on the Global Coffee Trade

2.3.2. Rate FI 4,5 cups a day 1 home 0.5 outside 3 work overconsumption addiction dependancy

2.3.3. Ustensils machine cup

2.3.4. recipe With milk With spices With sugar

2.4. use?

2.4.1. physiological cafeine How caffeine works in the body More caffein in filter coffee than in expresso absorption Caffeine and metabolism

2.4.2. symbolic welcoming celebration work

3. As place

3.1. Social

3.1.1. meeting point

3.2. Work

3.2.1. barista barman en italien

3.3. Recent development of Cafés in Helsinki

4. by products

4.1. spent coffee ground/ coffee cake

4.2. Sugar

4.2.1. Sugar cube

4.2.2. sachet de sucre

4.3. Paper

4.3.1. filters

4.3.2. paper cups

4.3.3. napkin

4.4. Plastic

4.4.1. plastics stirrer

5. As...

5.1. a gift

5.2. a break

5.3. Alone moment

6. Substitute

6.1. Sikuri / Chirorée


6.2. Mänty