COMM391 103 Phase 6

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COMM391 103 Phase 6 by Mind Map: COMM391 103 Phase 6

1. Reccomandations agents

1.1. Technical feasibility

1.1.1. What do I need the technology to do? Good Food Canada needs Reccomandations agent in order to create personalized deals for users which have subscribed our web-site

1.2. Economic feasibility

1.2.1. -Which are the benefits? Due to increased crosselling opportunities we hope the sales are going to increase - costs: collection of data to provide a solid basis fo raccomandations' agents

1.3. Operational feasibility

1.3.1. In case of implicit data collection customers will not be touched directly the introduction of the reccomandations agents as they will be used by the company in order to optimize its offer . The employees dealing with the collection of data (ex. through instore surveys) have to allign technically their way of collecting data (and databases) to the data compatible with reccomandations agents . In case of explicit data collection, customer will be asked to provide directly information on their preferences.

2. The technology is present to create the system we want, it is basically a mobile ecommerce app - its an app for customers to use to browse (see what sort of products we offer) and purchase products

3. Technical Feasability

4. Is it feasible to implement the technology you chose in Phase 5? How well does it work with the strategy you have proposed in your interim presentation/report?

5. Group 306 - City Workforce

5.1. Payroll System

5.1.1. Technical feasibility Use large database warehouse to store all of employee information Still need manual labour to input data use payroll system used by other companies because it is a standard process

5.1.2. Economic feasibility Using IT system, saves money on manual labour making paper checks, one cost for system

5.1.3. Operational feasibility Use employee banking information payroll will be on time and automatic, direct deposit s to employee, they will gain value by saving time going to the bank Accurate Paychecks - Computerized system to keep track of hours, with proof of working hours

5.2. Paypal

5.2.1. Technical feasibility The technology exists

5.2.2. Economic feasibility No monthly fee, Just a low-cost transaction fee at a time No need to purchase a Dedicated IP Address or SSL Certificate it doesn’t have to be encrypted; Redirected Paypal page has its own encrypted IP and SSL

5.2.3. Operational feasibility Cons-Frauds prevailing? Pros- convenient for those who don't have credit cards Pros- It's well known; there are tons of website that can help customers, as well as other companies using Paypal can provide good reviews

5.3. Integrated talent generation techonlogy

5.3.1. Technical feasibility The technology exists, as it is a program used by other websites, matches profiles based on their database, helps create collaborated job search

5.3.2. Economic feasibility It has the potential to minimize time spent searching for jobs. In turn, this will maximize value of dollars from customers. (especially in recession) One time cost for technology, training for employees, there is no transaction cost

5.3.3. Operational feasibility All City workforce employees will have access to Talemetry Fast, relevant matches minimize errors of manual labour matching, the system will change the whole system of job matching Short Term work placements can now develop into a career profile for the customers through using this sytem to collaborate all information on web

5.4. Database/Data warehoues

5.4.1. Technical feasibility this technology exists essential for storing the profiles of our customers

5.4.2. Economic feasibility The benefits of having this technology would be that you could access the information at any time, which is essential for a job matching company that bases job matches on information

5.4.3. Operational feasibility employees would prefer to use a technology to store information rather than putting it all on paper and filing which is extra work for them have always been online, so if they stored information in a data warehouse they would recognize that it is an increased backup system so if the original files are lost, they aren't in total chaos

5.5. Security System

5.5.1. Technical feasibility Technology exists to have a firewall and antivirus programs

5.5.2. Economic feasibility Expensive, but is a necessity because this online company has sensitive information from clients

5.5.3. Operational feasibility Might be annoying to run screens on the website and storage files every so often would make the employees feel more protected if they didn't have angry customers who had their information hacked

5.6. Internal employee communication system (i.e. sharepoint)

5.6.1. Technical feasibility Sharepoint - common place for employees to share ideas, files, and announcements

5.6.2. Economic feasibility Cost of Training employees to use new program, cost of program

5.6.3. Operational feasibility New system that requires employees to adapt, and training is required 24 hour access, and employees must utilize all the resources and check regularly for changes and updates

5.7. Strategy: Fast, efficient way to match workers to short term jobs

5.7.1. Excellent Customer service

5.7.2. Profiles for Businesses and Customers

6. 307 VanRealty

6.1. Economic Feasibility

6.1.1. Cloud Computing Cheaper than other popular platforms, e.g. erp Based on monthly payments No downpayment Easy/not very costly to leave CC and integrate a new system Non quantifiable Putting an actual $ value on the benefit of CC???

6.1.2. MLS based application Runs from CC and thus monthly payments will include this addon Non quantifiable Putting an actual $ on the increase in revenue brought from the application???

6.2. Operational Feasibility

6.2.1. Cloud Computing Agents are connected among each other and among customers Data readily accessible at a realtime rate

6.2.2. MLS based application Customers will shop houses by the slide of a thumb as if they were browsing for clothes online Quantify?

6.3. Technical Feasibility

6.3.1. Cloud computing Easy to set up Easy to turnover existing platforms into a cloud platform Easy access to data

6.3.2. MLS based application Easy to integrate from cloud computing

7. Group 308

7.1. Mobile Phone App

7.1.1. Economic Feasability The major cost is a one time development cost, and there is also an in operation cost. Although these are both reasonable costs, as this will be a overall revenue source. Since we will be generating revenue from this, and the implementation costs are relatively low the return on investment will be high

7.1.2. Operational Feasability We believe there is a high penetration rate of smartphones in the market (among our target market between the ages 25-34), so with a proper application, people will be able to use it. These people would also have a credit card to purchase Other ecommerce apps already exist, so customers will feel comfortable to make purchases on our app as well There are also concerns which we have to address about gaining trust between individuals to purchase the "best" groceries, as well as security concerns on how the data will reach us

7.2. RFID Tags

7.2.1. T The technology already exists, and used by other retail companies

7.2.2. E Expensive, the average costs are only 0.14 each and 1,245 each, and startup costs are 3000, look previous mindmap for link

7.2.3. O Purpose is to track inventory, so it will be placed on an entire crate, as it is not feasible to put an rfid on every single item we sell (for example we can't put a tag on an individual apple (its impractical as the apple will be eaten)) Staff will use it, because there is no longer to scan individual crates, so it makes their jobs easier as well The purpose may be redundant though, as there is no way to count actually how many items we have within the crate

7.3. Personalization web based communicatio

7.3.1. T Possible. We will send personalized emails, and personalized website experience for customers with accounts, based on information on customers collected from the loyalty program, with recipes tailored to the customer's dietary preferences and recently purchased items. This technology already exists, and is used by companies like Amazon. So also, like if a person wrote vegetarian as their preference, we may try and put the vegetarian items on the top, sort of partially "filtering" other items without actually filtering them by putting them at the bottom of the list

7.3.2. E The one time cost to implement may be high, but the maintenance costs of keeping the system would be low, but sales may increase if we can personalize their experience

7.3.3. O There is a concern that customers will tire of receiving our personalized emails. We will make an easy opt-out function for them to unsubscribe to the emails The system will be used because customers have to login to make any purchases, so they will automatically experience the personalized website when they log onto the site to make purchases.

8. Group 318, Data Med

8.1. Technologies

8.1.1. Bar Code system for supply inventory feasible? Yes, a bar code system could provide accurate measurement for our supply inventory at a reasonable cost and minimal labour requirement Will need to purchase scanners and barcodes Fits with strategy? In order to maximize revenues and reduce costs, we must hold as few supplies as possible to efficiently utilize our limited space. Conversely, we must ensure we have enough supplies on hand to meet our customers needs and account for potential delays in orders and deliveries. This is an effective low cost method of controlling inventory. We need to be sure to minimize our costs and not necessarily use the latest and greatest of all available technologies Viable Alternatives? RFID (too expensive, although real time) By Hand ( more likely to make error manually imputing data for supplies, way more time consuming) How it adds value to our company. Effective supply management allows our company to operate efficiently and reduce labor and rent costs associated with holding excess supplies Potential Issues Scanning items by hand leaves room for a margin of error. However it is less expensive to implement this system than a rfid tag system.

8.1.2. Speech to Text system for physicians feasible? Yes, allows older physicians to become better integrated with our proposed software system Fits with strategy? Yes, allows people who aren't computer literate to easily switch to electronic record keeping system Viable Alternatives? Written recognition, typing How it adds value to our company. Allows people who aren't willing or able to learn how to use computers/ type to utilize an electronic charting system Potential Issues This system could be capital intensive and may not work for every physician (accents) Patients and physicians may feel award talking into a machine rather than towards a person Speech recognition systems don't always provide 100% accurate translations as required for our medical records

8.1.3. Written Recognition system for patient charting feasible? Yes Fits with strategy? Yes, allows people to write for electronic records Viable alternatives? typing, speech to text How it adds value to our company. Allows physicians who are not familiar with computers or able to type to use an electronic record keeping system Potential Issues Doctors have notoriously messy handwriting, also, it could take some time to "learn" individuals handwriting. Finally, the translation may not be 100% accurate

8.1.4. Biometric Scanners for computer system login Feasible? Yes, more and more computers are having biometric scanners built in! Fits with strategy? Secures doctor logins. They don't need to remember any passwords or have any keycards to access the system. Also, it is near impossible to replicate soeone's finger creating the utmost in security! Viable alternatives? password, keycard How it adds value to our company. Gives the image, and provides patients with the most up to date technology to secure our sensitive medical records. Potential Issues High cost of acquisition and maintenance

8.1.5. HID Keycard System Feasible? Yes.It is an existing technology that other companies currently use and take advantage of it.It's not overly expensive. Fits our strategy? Yes.It fits with our strategy to provide efficient and quality healthcare because it protects the security of our patients's data and clinic equipment. There are alternative technologies but not at easy, effective and secure as HID Keycards. We could save money by using manual keys How it adds value to our company. Providing security to patients' records Potential issues System error and security threats if keycards get stolen.

8.1.6. Jonokomed based software system Feasible? Is very similar to our desired software Fits with strategy? Provides almost all of the functions we would like (e.g. online booking, billing, test results etc) Viable alternatives? Our own developed software, there are also many other medical practice management software systems How it adds value to our company. Increases operational efficiency by eliminating staff hours required to manually book patients and deliver test results Potential Issues It may be difficult to interface this software program with our own software to meet other operational requirements.

8.2. Technical,economical, operational, tie back to strategy and how well does it work with strategy

9. Group 319

9.1. ERP

9.1.1. Economical  Substantial costs; however the pay back period is likely low • Needs to be calculated • Look at FC plus VC versus the revenue generated by its implementation  It is core to the business model, so therefore will be worth substantial investment; will need to consider exactly how this will either generate revenue or decrease the VC of service  Given the our large revenues there is a large amount of cash available for investment  Will require adding several staff or hiring an outside third-party to handle technical support and/or building add-ons to the system

9.1.2. Technical  Yes, it can be purchased from a variety of vendors  Will need to customize which will add significant cost

9.1.3. Operational  Employees are likely to resist; however it will involve changing their meeting recording system from a personal one to the enterprise-wide system  Give notice and take feedback into program design  Implement training and technical support  Sustainability will be increased and will likely add to employ buy-in

9.2. Cloud Comptuer

9.2.1. Economical  Lowers costs as you can outsource the hardware to a specialized provider  Likely significant costs will migrating information over

9.2.2. Technical  Not a fully developed technology, still growing and has not reached maturity

9.2.3. Operational  Data must be completely secure given that it will hold SIN, and other personal information • This might be an issue relating to regulation

10. Group 320

10.1. RFID tags

10.1.1. Technical feasibility - What do i need the technology to do? Monitor flows of goods in order to predict inventory levels in an accurate way.

10.1.2. Economic feasibility Benefits: improve and make more efficient supply chain management Costs: they are costly to implement, need for RFID printers/encoders, need for negotiating with suppliers to have the implementaton of lables occurring in the short run.

10.1.3. Operational feasibility - how will you implement the technology? Suppliers will have to put labels on products' shipments

10.2. Instore computer terminals

10.2.1. New node

10.3. In-Store E-COmmerce

10.3.1. Technical Feasibility What do I need the technology to do? We want to increase the awareness of customers on organic food and better their in- store experience Is there a technology which can do the basic function for you? We can use computer terminals with databases containing information about products, so that once a product is scanned the computer can show information about ingredients, receipts using that product and its origin

10.3.2. Economic Feasibility Benefits : increase awareness on organic food can potentially increase customer loyalty Costs: costs of in- store computer terminals , costs of employees who will collect data on products and create databases and adjourn them constantly, costs of marketing campaign to incentive customers to use them

10.3.3. Operational feasibility How will you implement the technology? Each store will have a section dedicated to computer terminals How will users react to the technology? Young customers (the one, the company is targeting) can find computer terminals a nice diversionary to their shopping experience , but old people could be skeptical about the use of computers . A marketing campaign will be needed in order to let people know about their use.

10.4. E-Commerce

10.4.1. Technical Feasinbility What do I need the technology to do? Create an additional channel to sell products and increase company’s pool of customers

10.4.2. Economic Feasibility Benefits: increase in sales and collection of subscription fees Costs: team of information technicians to create/adjourn/constantly monitor the web-site and deals with all potential problems concerned to it

10.4.3. Operational Feasibility How will you implement the technology? Creation of a web-site How will users react to the technology? Once they have are aware of the web-site existence, they need to trust the financial transactions required to purchase the products and the delivery speed of products. How will the technology will change the business? Introduction of a new channel to purchase Good Food Canada products, creation of an on-line community

11. Group 317

11.1. Analytical CRM

11.2. Knowledge management system

11.2.1. This technology seems like the one "nice to have" but not necessary for our project. It's always good to have blogs to colecte information about employees work preference and experiences but how valuable for those information to make quicker match between the employees and employers, especially for short term employment is doubtable, plus the cost of renting the server for City Workforce is too high, especially for a company still in the introduction stage.

11.2.2. New node

11.3. cloud computing

11.3.1. Cloud computing is kind of important for our plan of having new offices in different cities of Canada. It will be more convenient for sharing information about employees and employers among different locations. However, the cost will be the biggest problem for small company like City Workforce. Meanwhile, the information security problem will be another threat for the feasibility of using cloud computing, because having enough and unique information of job/employee resources are essential for staffing agent companies.

12. Group 316

12.1. Strategy

12.1.1. To facilitate profitable relationships between partners in order to offer our differentiated service at competetive costs Cloud computing Allows an interactive database between partners and our company Is it feasible? Website (E-Commerce) Allows the company to facilitate it's operations by using company website Is it feasible? Cell Phones A cheap and effective way of communications between partners Is it feasible?

12.1.2. To ensure customers value our differentiate services and get rid of services that are not of value GPS Allows customers to track their orders and provides ease of mind to the safety of their goods and the efficiency of our services Is it feasible? Website customers are easily able to access and book their services, not only streamlining operations, but also providing ease to the customer Is it feasible?

13. Group 315

13.1. ID Cards/Patient pro

13.1.1. Feasibility fairly easy to implement low transition costs minimal time for employers to get used to new system concerns crash in system hackers, privacy of info is dependent on file encryption

13.1.2. complement to strategy more of a customer assistance tool complements patient-relationship, makes vists more personal Tool to overlay strategy assistance for doctors easier to update and reference progress of patient all therapists have access to review info

14. Group 314

14.1. Feasiblity [SugarCRM]

14.1.1. SugarCRM is compatibly to any type of technology - cloud or social CRM compatibility, meaning VAnalyst can link SugarCRM to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn for social management

14.1.2. SugarCRM can be linked to any/many external sources of data and other applications allowing VAnalyst to link it to current office database

14.1.3. Oper source capability allows versatility, meaning VAnalyst can develop applications within SugarCRM in order to make operations more efficient [financial tools]

14.2. Relation/Compatibility to Strategy [SugarCRM]

14.2.1. VAnalyst is building a customer service centered image, implementing a good CRM control application is essential Allows micro and macro management of social networking accounts for announcements or personal messaging - makes communicating more effective and convenient Allows in depth analysis of various social networking connections [friends in facebook/followers in twitter] - gives VAnalyst the ability to track other 'wants' and 'needs' of clients more efficiently

14.3. Feasibility [Investment NeuroMaster]

14.3.1. Investment NeuroMaster system that was created for an open platform, therefore can be used by any operating system

14.3.2. It can consider the many possible factors associated with a certain investment (mainly stocks)

14.4. Relation to Strategy [Investment NeuroMaster]

14.4.1. Since our strategy is to develop a strong, trustful relation with our clients, the system forecasts investments that are tailored to individual investors, given a unique and personal approach It allows customers to be aware of the current and future status of their investments and allows VAnalyst to provide more efficient solutions and recommendations to reassure customer worries. Increasing customer trust, which in turn increases company image and reputation Allows the company to determine the type of investor a particular person is, therefore we can tailor certain investments to people depending on the level of risk they want

15. Group 312

15.1. Feasibility

15.1.1. Website Feasible - Relatively cost efficient to hire web designer, easy to maintain

15.1.2. CRM AUsed to Schedule moving days Appointment CRM - Schedule moving appointments at the customer's convience Improves customer's moving experience by offering customization, proving a good fit for Move IT's strategy of providing industry leading customer service Customer Service CRM improves efficiency and minimizes cost while attracting customers by customizing customer's moving experience basedoff of their individual needs

15.2. Potential Problems

15.2.1. Website If the website goes down, it could be problematic (although because MoveIT is a relatively it wouldn't be too big of a deal) Nobody really knows the firm yet since it is a local start-up firm so it may not come up immediately in a search engine

15.2.2. CRM If it's not kept up-to-date, it could be problematic because we're not using the most recent information

15.3. does it workwith strategy?

15.3.1. Website Yes, because it helps us collect information digitally (don't have to re-enter all the collected data) and with that, allows us to know about consumer preferences (ties into strategy about making their experience the most personable

15.3.2. CRM Yes, because colle, again, helps us create a more personalized package

16. Group 311

16.1. Strategy

16.1.1. Point of sales system Allows stores to efficiently complete transactions while ensuring a fulfilling shopping experience. Self-checkouts, membership cards, reward system Can share inventory information with suppliers in order to plan for future purchases and delivery, allowing us to predict future sales. Feasibility: should already be installed but upgrades can occur without adding too many costs. Additional options may be purchased quickly from current provider. Efficient because overall systems do not have to change by much and employee training will slowly be integrated.

16.1.2. Web ERP Feasibility: Web-based platform, which means we will be renting online space from a provider. Technical problems routed to provider. May incur high costs, but long-term benefits and expansion strategy will outweigh these costs. Assuming that our current supplier orders are done by hand, integrating these orders to an ERP system will take time and incur costs. However, we can switch some of our suppliers to online-based ones. Allows for the consolidation of almost all business practices onto an easy-to-access Web-based platform.

17. Group 301

17.1. RFID Tags

17.1.1. Ensures safety, packages won't be left behind in transit: Meeting our value proposition: Make moving less stress-free

17.1.2. Feasibility Operational Makes it easier for movers to track goods Some training using scanners may be required Technical Tags can be attached to each of the boxes Economic Each tag costs 5 cents, scanners can cost from $100 - $1000 Reduces packages lost in transit, and theft - improving customer confidence, and costs in correcting errors

17.2. GPS Systems

17.2.1. Feasibility Operational Drivers should be familiar with GPS systems due to their prevalency Can guide drivers to their next destination Technical Systems can be installed into vehicles, or Smartphones (with proper software) can be used as well Economic Commercial GPS systems like "GPS Police" cost $300/unit, with monthly fees Can reduce delivery times, fuel costs

17.2.2. Helps drivers finding the route to their destinations, can allow customers to track their shipments

17.3. ERP System

17.3.1. Feasibility Operational Day to day activies more efficient. Information flow is much faster. Technical Intergrates all the information from the GPS, RFID tags TPS and Employee information in a system to help plan the day to day activities in an effecient manner and make the information easily accessible Economic Probably a large cost, and seeing as how we are a startup company it may not be feasible

17.3.2. Helps store customer data, booking information, cost analysis

17.4. Expertise Locator

17.4.1. Helps match expertise of employees to the specific needs of customers(ie language preferences)

17.4.2. Feasibility If we can easily store and organize individual customer needs then it is feasible to match those needs to the specific expertise of our employees Will depends on how much information we can gather on our customers

18. Group 302

18.1. CRM - Personalization

18.1.1. Yes it is feasible because our main strategy is to create an online store and therefore, we need to be able to filter who are our dominant consumers. Furthermore, we can also target consumers based on their needs and cater to them properly We can also use target marketing strategies and implement coupon systems to focus on individual customers based on their specific needs. Inactive customers and repeat consumers can be better targeted as well from the benefits of personalization. Operationally feasible: benefits both the consumers and the company; consumers will have more interactions with the company and their website, we can record their buying habits and work from there Economically feasible: it may be tight in the short run as we are implementing this technology in the short run, however in the long run it will be feasible because the marginal benefits will outweigh the marginal costs due to the profits we will earn from our new strategy

18.1.2. Adds value: Yes. our main goal is to ensure consumers experience a unique shoppng experience and that we develop the relationships between them. Therefore, having a personalized system on the delivery service, as we will be able to specifically cater to their needs based on their buying behaviors

18.2. Cloud Computing

18.2.1. Beneficial for managing the supply chain: suppliers, the company and consumer orders Economically feasible: yes because we can compress all our data in one system and instead of buying software for everyone (in this system, everyone can share). Significant advatage because we are relatively a small firm in a large industry Operational feasible: easy to use for the company and suppliers

18.3. Webiste

18.3.1. Operationally feasible: simple to use for consumers and convenient if they didn't want to go to the actual grocery store to purchase organic foods

18.3.2. Economically feasible: costly to implement in the short run due to the implementations of new technology systems to manage the website effectively but in the long run, much more beneficial in terms of costs compared to expanding retail stores

18.3.3. Value: stepping into the online platform will help propel us forward in the grocery food industry, build our brand and target a larger consumer base within Vancouver

18.3.4. Potential issue: must maintain regularly and keep update, which can add to short-term costs and use of resources

19. Group 303

19.1. Cloud computing

19.1.1. Effective, cost-conscious way to communicate between the agents and the office.

19.1.2. Helps connect the organization together; essential for information updates when agents are on-the-go. Very important to have most recent, updated information to provide the best possible value --> our value proposition

19.1.3. New node

19.2. Mobile applications

19.3. Social networking and media applications

19.3.1. Very feasible, low costs Close to no cost to implement it in hardware costs or hosting fees; all costs go towards actually implementing the websites. Cost-effective way to advertise and get our name out Facebook for general exposure Twitter for general information purposes: garner interest, give manageable updates, and offer helpful insight LinkedIn gives a solid base of professionals to work with, our main targeted demographic

19.4. Google AdWords

19.4.1. Fairly cost effective method way to get us the most exposure on the undisputed #1 search engine Often people do not know which realty to go with right away; being first in our firled for potential searching customers puts us at a great compeititve advantage

19.5. Official website

19.5.1. A significant investment, domain name and website development are the main costs involved. Website design can be done with a fair amount of skill The greater investment would be to implement potentially pricey 3D modelling software and home photography

20. Group 304

20.1. Mobile Applications

20.1.1. Cost of Development Contracting a developer + some maintenance of the application down the road New node Feasible as long as the cost of development is less than the benefit Development is relatively inexpensive Would need to decide what platforms to run it on, as the more it can run on the more expensive development

20.1.2. Cost of training Intuitive applications, minimal training required

20.2. How well does it work with strategy? Being: mobile business advisors

20.2.1. Very well. Works towards the companies goals 360 degree customer service

20.2.2. increase convenience, ie. builds on the business strategy

20.2.3. Is a positive tool and addition to the new business strategy Can allow us to capture a large share of our clients business

21. Group 305

21.1. New node

21.2. Virtual Design Software

21.2.1. Can be completed on time and within budget, and will be able to include all the features and function as initially specified during the interim presentation/report Operational Feasibility Technology: Through VanRealty Website Customer reaction: Positively, because it is an optional service that we provide and it will only make the process of selling their house easier. This Technology will offer us a competitive strategy over our competitors because we are the only company that offers the service Economic Feasibility benefits: online service that doesn't require many costs besides the graphic design specialist, and the development cost Benefits are intangible, so it cannot be quantified Technical Feasibility To be able to Capture the interior of our customers homes and be able to hide their furniture so potential buyers can design their dream home inside Technology to perform the basic functions: There are already existing basic virtual design softwares that interior designers use, so we can use these to provide the basic structure for our software to create the interior of a home

21.2.2. Why we won't fail compare with other firms that currently use similar softwares, so we know the requirements necessary to run a similar design from customer feedback on the design, we know there is a demand for visual design when selling houses, therefore, we wont run into the issue of a lack of user involvement. VanRealty has already hired a specialist who knows how to create a virtual design software, and this is the only resource necessary to run the software There isn't a unrealistic expectation because the the function of a virtual design software is very straight forward We have already calculated our budget for technological resources, so we know we have sufficient planning to implement the software.

22. Group 309

22.1. ERP

22.1.1. Yes, it is feasible (part of Wintac system)

22.2. GPS

22.2.1. Yes, it is feasible Relatively inexpensive (economical) help reduce cost by showing fastest routes for trucks (operational) Easy to use and implement (technical)

22.3. Wintac

22.3.1. Encompasses all the different technologies, including ERP, KMS, and GPS systems into one system (operational) Is relatively costly, mostly due to necessary upgrades every 5 years. Approximate cost is $2000 per year before taxes and extra support fees. (economic)

22.4. DATS

22.4.1. system includes all employees (Operational)

22.4.2. works well with our strategy (operational)

22.4.3. Creates report card for employees, showing what certifications they have done (operational)

22.4.4. Easy to implement. DATS will come and set up the system on-site and make sure it is functional. Easy to get technical support quickly, and is relatively inexpensive (approx. $500 per year). (technical & economic)

23. Group 310 - City Workforce

23.1. Technology

23.1.1. Cloud computing Feasibility Technical: Many solutions existing that can simply be purchased and maintained by a 3rd party. Easy to implement and high degree of reliability. Economic: Affordable solution to decentralizing our networks, at a monthly rate Operational: Increased access and easy operation means that it is likely to get positive reaction Fit with strategy Strong fit w strategy because it fits with the goal of decentralizing the networks and providing a way for all regional offices to both contribute and access informaiton

23.1.2. Knowledge Management Software and Infrastructure Feasibility Technical: Will act as an expertise locator and analyze skills/personality results. Will work to make the regional offices combine into more of unified company Economic: May cost more to implement than it benefits Operational: Unless management was able to align the interests of employees to think about the larger company, rather than individual regions, there would be some resistance to this implementation Fit with strategy Weak fit since there would be a strong resistance to the technology, it would likely be difficult to have well absorbed.

23.1.3. Payroll Management Technology Feasibility Technically feasible as the technology itself is already there Economic: Reduce cost of using manual (human) cost as everything will be done automatically, reduce time used by the human resources and potentially use the time to other departments. However, we need to consider the cost of implementing the technology. In short, we save on labour resources vs one time payment. We believe, at least in the long run, the benefit will outweigh the cost. So, it is economically feasible. Operational: We believe it is operationally feasible because it will benefit not only our company, but also our customers (employers and employees). Using the technology, we and our customers do not have to worry when to pay or receive a cheque, how much to pay, where to pay, as all of them will be done at the beginning and go on automatically. All the banking information needed that stumble manual payment is now gone.We see no reason why our company and our customers are not gonna use it. Fit with strategy It will help one of our strategy, that is, simple online user interface. Customers will not be bother by all the confusing procedures of payments and therefore, adding value to the company.

23.1.4. Recommendation Agent Feasibiltiy Technically feasible as it is already running Economical : We hope that recommendation agent can attract our employee to customer when they look for job posting and vice versa, thereby creating more matches that lead to higher profit. So, we believer it is economically feasible Operational : Users of our service will have more options, thereby opening more opportunities to find the correct employers/employees. So, it is operationally feasible Fit with Strategy It will help our main strategy, that is, the matching matrix. Our main job is to match the right employee to the right employer. This technology can help us match them. So, this technology is directly related to the matching process

23.1.5. Security Management and Confirmation System Feasibility Technical : Many companies, mainly banks, already use this technology, so it is technically feasible (such as firewall, etc) Economical : It will convince customer to use our service, thereby making more profit in the long run Operational : it is highly operationally feasible as this is one of the technologies that customers really need. They would definitely love this tech to better secure the confidential information of the customers. Fit with strategy It will contribute our strategies, that is, telecommuting network and joint venture with educational institutions. Both strategies need the customers to store their information mainly online. So, this technology will really help our strategies, and also our other technology, that is the payroll technology and cloud computing

23.1.6. Mobile Application Feasibility Technical: Many existing templates that would be able to be applied to our model. Customers are familiar with operation of mobile applications and so it is likely to be easy to work with Economic: Rather affordable to create, and sales can help offset the maintenance expense. Benefits to the customer and increased info flow will far outweight the costs Operational: Provides a strong and reliable interface for our clients to both feed us and collect information at a faster pace. Fit with strategy This is a strong fit with the strategy since we intend to improve the user experience and value from using our service. Mobile applications will provide this value.

23.2. Strategy

23.2.1. Matching Matrix

23.2.2. Joint venture with educational institutions

23.2.3. Telecommuting network

23.2.4. Brand Recognition

23.2.5. Simple online user interface

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