Reinvent escape the city experience for entrepreneurs based on smart cities

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Reinvent escape the city experience for entrepreneurs based on smart cities by Mind Map: Reinvent escape the city experience for entrepreneurs based on smart cities

1. what are smart cities ?

1.1. definition : use of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently source : Smart city - Wikipedia

1.1.1. citizens competition with robots ? issue of unemployment new types of jobs cohabitation flexibility and ability to new ways of living digital accepting to be attentive to the environment adopting new ways of consumption: on-demand work the rise of urban population civic engagement e-governance ?

1.1.2. objects sustainable and innovative transports autonomous vehicle electric vehicle silent vehicles more walkable cities digital infrastructures IoT AI adapating to the situation, regulate flows

1.1.3. services technology mediated services

1.1.4. Smart Cities: Step into the city of the future!

1.2. Smart cities : big data, civic hackers, and the quest for a new utopia by Townsend, Anthony M.

1.2.1. big data based on data collection

1.2.2. an utopic model a city can be based on technologies and totally autonomous ? Smart cities: Utopia or neoliberal ideology? Redirecting "The neoliberal ideology influences the framing of these problems by favoring business-led technological solutions rather than political and long-term urban planning."

1.2.3. civic hackers risk of smart cities, need of security


1.3.1. mobility

1.3.2. IOT

1.3.3. buildings

1.3.4. security

1.3.5. society and education

1.3.6. healthcare

1.3.7. energy and water management

1.3.8. infrastructure

1.3.9. example of a smart city : Singapore Singapore's Smart City initiatives

1.4. a city which is :

1.4.1. interconnected citizens logistic partners vehicles infrastructures

1.4.2. instrumented new services thanks to the IoT

1.4.3. intelligent avoid accidents using the artificial intelligence to improve : services efficiency SMART CITIES - Greenpeace Film Festival


3. what are the particularities of an entrepreneur ?

3.1. different types of entrepreneurship

3.1.1. freelancer taking risks autonomy Smart Cities and new forms of employment expanding the tertiary sector : the urban economy is a service economy on-demand work "According to a McKinsey study, there may currently be more than 160 million freelancers in Europe, all qualification levels combined, and 15 million in the United States that is 20% to 30% of the working-age population"

3.1.2. social entrepreneurship (PDF) Building Smarter Cities through Social Entrepreneurship helping small entrepreneurs so that their idea succeed and improve living conditions micro-credit

3.1.3. large company entrepreneurship

3.1.4. start-up being out of the box creating new incubators and accelerators dedicated to start-up working on smart cities projects Our Startups – IMPACT Accelerator Program

3.2. creative

3.3. passionate

3.4. optimistic

3.5. future-oriented

3.6. flexible

3.7. resourceful

3.8. adventurous

3.9. innovation

4. what is escape the city experience ?

4.1. why escaping the city ?

4.1.1. 7 principles for building better cities | Peter Calthorpe

4.1.2. contamination

4.1.3. stress / anxiety The Importance of Slowing Down - Escaping City Life | The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate A less stressful pace of life Escaping City Life For Life Off The Grid – Thrive Global – Medium

4.1.4. overconsumption

4.1.5. overpopulation feeling oppressed

4.2. going to what type of cities ?

4.2.1. here, smart cities more walkable As there will be less car, why do we reserve more roads for walkers, bikers, ... ? get again in touch with the nature better use of lands more green areas uberisation Less need to keep up with evolving trends eat locally a new risk of being overconnected ? SOUNDCLOUND - PODCAST : Ep. 15 - Bill Davidow, Author of "Overconnected: The Promise & Threat of the Internet"