2- New user registers and fills up the form

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2- New user registers and fills up the form by Mind Map: 2- New user registers and fills up the form

1. MANUAL: Admin prepares customised GSUITE email for the new member

1.1. TEMPLATE email resend: Account activation email is sent with Instructions to: 1-Install a customized Eureka Email address 2-Access to Google Docs relevant file 3.-- Google drive invie to cvs

1.1.1. If she/he decides to drop before 3 months after the trial the card doesn't get charged

1.1.2. If she/he decides to remain after 3 months the card gets charged the subscription fee Member becomes Afilitate Member

2. 2- Member gets emails with profile approved

2.1. Account activated

2.2. Stripe process the credit card with a 3 month trial automatically

2.3. If the card fails to process member is advised to pay again

3. AUTOMATIC Stripe + Zapier: user gets invited to Slack

4. 1- Wordpress Sign up: they have to choose from free or paid account in the form itself

4.1. Free Account: Member fills up his/her profile in the website upon Admin validation. No other benefits as per pricing table.

4.2. Paid Account: Proceed to payment gate in the website. Upon completion of Stripe payment (60 mo with 3 months trial by default) user gets redirected to Registering form that will register the user as a paid member for the admin to approve