Mechanical Hazards in workplace

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Mechanical Hazards in workplace by Mind Map: Mechanical Hazards in workplace

1. Possible things that could be learned

1.1. They can know the various ways in which the injury could happen

1.2. also by referring this content they can get the that are possible to do on the first moment of the accident.

1.3. More Rules can be made by taking this accident under consideration which will be beneficial to stop any such accident in future.

2. Cutting and Severing

2.1. Causes

2.1.1. In this kind of hazard the there is a physical contact between machine and body

2.1.2. also if the operator is not wearing protective glasses or the other accessories there is a danger to get hurt

2.1.3. This can be caused due to poor handling while fitting or removing the part

2.1.4. Moreover, if the operator doesn't switch off the machine before taking off the blades and suddenly due to some causes the machine starts working then this may lead to the death or can cause severe injury to the worker

2.2. Preventive Measures

2.2.1. A worker should read the full manual bout how to operating the machine

2.2.2. The workers should be supervised to check if the won't hurt them.

2.2.3. Proper Introduction and training should be given to the workers before handling machine in their hands

2.2.4. In case of any emergency the situation should be handled carefully by telling to the manager and calling at 9.1.1