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Social Anxiety Posts by Mind Map: Social Anxiety Posts

1. 3 Maintaining Factors

1.1. Rumination

1.1.1. About your social anxiety

1.1.2. 3 Types of Rumination

1.1.3. Won't fix your Social Anxiety Will make it worse

1.1.4. Focusing on Your SA won't fix it.

1.1.5. How to stop rumination

1.1.6. How long have you been ruminating?

1.1.7. Preparing for social situations

1.1.8. Vicious Cycle/Hamster Wheel

1.1.9. Answer to questions in the mind Answer is they shouldn't be asking these questions!

1.2. Worry

1.3. Coping Strategies that Backfire

1.3.1. Just Face your Fears.

2. Other Ideas

2.1. The Key to overcoming Social Anxiety

2.2. The Positive Thinking Trap