Functions roles of Mass Media

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Functions roles of Mass Media by Mind Map: Functions roles of Mass Media

1. Media such as news + current affairs programs act as watchdog of society

1.1. Warn any social anomalies ranging from serious to extremely trival

1.1.1. Split into Beware Surveillance + Instrumental Surveillance.

1.2. Split into Beware Surveillance + Instrumental Surveillance

1.3. Beware Surveillance - When Media informs audience about threats and inform members of society of important pertinent issues. Eg: inform public concerning changes in social security(CPF) matters, spread of deadly viruses etc.

1.4. Instrumental Surveillance: Assists public in everyday trivial daily living matters. Eg: weather forecasts, train breakdowns.

1.5. Consequences of Surveillance:

1.6. 1. Loss of Privacy

1.7. 2. Living in Fear: Might cause individuals to be too paranoid and fearful.

2. Societal Functions

3. Interpretation Function

3.1. Media especially news media performs function of interpreting events + occurrences to audiences in society.

3.2. Accounts of events, policies of social impact are 'translated' or 'explained' by media practitioners (journalists, bloggers and entertainers)

3.3. Consequences of Interpretation

3.4. 1. There are too many viewpoints - Some of which may be contrasting. Can be biased and tantamount to propaganda.

3.5. 2. Interpretations may not be accurate

3.6. 3. Audiences have no need to use judgment and are led blindly

3.7. 4. Introduction o f new viewpoints for Audience to ponder.

3.8. Audiences may also become overly dependent on media for interpretation

4. Entertainment Function

4.1. Functions as entertainment provider. Members of society, for variety of reasons such as alleviation of workplace stress, living stress+ educational learning purposes are entertained passively.

4.2. Consequences of Entertainment

4.3. 1. Addiction to certain forms of entertainment: eg. Tv programs, video games, gambling that lead to excessive consumption

4.4. 2. Escapism: Audiences might use entertainment to escape reality or to escape issues faced in life.

5. Linkage Function

5.1. Media joins different elements of society that are not directly connected but yet connect them.

5.2. Done by drawing diverse audiences attention to certain social issues.

5.3. Postive Consequences : Draws diverse members of society together and creates links for people who are not linked together. Eg: stories that showcase how diverse members of society celebrate National Day draws people together as a nation or getting together for social cause like Dressember, Ice- bucket challenge.

5.4. Negative Consequences: Creates divisions in society or between nations, fostering animosity, misrepresentation or hatred. eg: fuelling football hooliganism between fans of different cities and countries.

6. Transmission of Values Function

6.1. Media is used to perpetuate societal values or even perform socialization for those in power.

6.2. Values are transmitted to the audience who more often then not adopt these values.

6.3. Tranmission of values through media, is subtle but important in maintaining status quo, culture and traditions in society. E.g family drama shown on Singapore TV could promote traditional Asian values.

6.4. Positive Consequences of Values Transmission

6.5. 1. Stabalize Society: Society can be made harmonious by transmitting positive values. Eg. Couretesy Campaign in Singapore. (Launched in June 1979 - to encourage Singaporeans to be more kind to each other.

6.6. 2. Reinforcement: Social norms can be reinforced by showcasting individuals who are rewarded for practicing these norms. eg: news story on hoow honest citizen is rewarded for returning missing cash.

6.7. 3. Behavioral Control: Values about what is right and wrong can be taught to audiences and with its consciousness created, certain deviant behaviours can be curtailed. eg: Public service Announcements on Drink- driving- Drugs