Mechanical Hazards

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Mechanical Hazards by Mind Map: Mechanical Hazards

1. Mechanical hazards are that which are occurred by machines while using if something happened to the worker that is mechanical hazards

1.1. Machines can essentially enhance generation and productivity. In any case, they don't come without dangers. The moving parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces are risks to laborers. Many machine-related wounds can be forestalled with the correct utilization of shields.

1.2. Causes Coming to in to "clear" gear Not utilizing Lockout/Tagout Unapproved people doing upkeep or utilizing the machines Absent of machine Guards

1.3. There are so many different types of mechanical hazards with occurred like cutting and severing,crushing,chains, cranks, gears and so on.

1.4. Prevention of Mechanical Hazards The machine should be proper TAG OUT LOCKOUT Machine operators should be properly trained The machine should be equipped with a proper guard