Managing the classroom.

managing the classroom.

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Managing the classroom. by Mind Map: Managing the classroom.

1. Factor to consider in classroom managing.

1.1. the way we talk to students.

1.1.1. talks most in the lesson.

2. We have to be able to handle a range of variables.

2.1. classroom space.

2.1.1. organize classroom time.

3. The teacher in the classroom

3.1. physical presence

3.1.1. the way we move and stand

4. Proximity

4.1. some students are uncomfortable if their teacher stands or sits close to them.

5. Appropriacy

5.1. is the general way in which teacher sit of stand in classrooms.

5.1.1. extremely friendly atnosphere some teacher are even happy to sit on the floor.

6. Movement.

6.1. some teachers tend to spend most of their class time in one place-at the front of the class.

6.1.1. for example to the side , or to the middle. how much we move around in the classrrom will depend on our personal style, where we feel most comfortable.

7. awareness

7.1. the teacher has to be aware of what students are doing and, where possible, how they are feeling.

7.1.1. michael lewis "the teacher's primary responsibility is response-ability"

8. Using the voice

8.1. perhaps our most important instrument as teacher is our voice.

9. Audibility

9.1. teachers need to be audible.

9.1.1. audibility cannot be divorced from voice quality: a rasping shout is always unpleasant. teacher have good voice projection is more importan that volume.

10. Variety

10.1. it is important for teachers to vary the quality of their voices.

10.1.1. teachers often use very loud voices techers who almost never raise their voices.

11. Conservation.

11.1. teachers have to take great care of their voices.

11.1.1. teacherr vary their voices throughout the day,avoiding shouting wherever possible, so that they can conserve their vocal energy.

12. Talking to students

12.1. the way that teacher talk to students.

12.1.1. one group of people who seem to find it fairly natural to adapt their language. thier vocabulary is generally more restricted they use other forms of physical contact.

12.2. firstly, they should consider the kind of language that students are likely to understand,

12.3. secondly, they need to think about what they wish to say to the students and how best to do it.

12.4. thirdly, they need to consider the manner in which they will speak.

13. Giving instructions

13.1. the best activity in the world is a waste of time if the students don't understand what it is they are supposed to do.

13.1.1. two rules they must be kept as simple as posssible and they must be logical.

14. What information do they need first? which sould come next?

14.1. it is important for tehm to check that the students have undestood what they are being asked to do.

14.1.1. student all share the same nother tongue

15. Student talk and teacher talk

15.1. TTT

15.1.1. Teacher Talking Time

15.2. STT

15.2.1. Student Talking Time

15.3. TTQ

15.3.1. Teacher Talking Quality