Kandi's Land Org and Process Chart

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Kandi's Land Org and Process Chart by Mind Map: Kandi's Land Org and Process Chart

1. Productivity Mentor/Systems

2. CEO / Rich

2.1. Mentors

2.1.1. Real Estate Mentors/Systems Land SFR MFR Notes

2.1.2. Fitness / Health Strength Nutrition Endurance Mobility

2.1.3. Mental Wellness

2.2. Operations Manager

2.2.1. Acquisitions Manager Offers Out Select Market Get Data Calculate Offers Mail Offers Due Diligence

2.2.2. Marketing / Sales Manager Marketing Prep Create Sales Strategy Draft Price Reduction Strategy Prepare Pics Prepare Ad Advertising To grow buyers list Attract seller leads Buyers List Grow Service / Maintain Sales Blasts Buyer Communications Negotiate Close / Contract Publish Ad Publish to Buyers List Maintain Ad Price Reductions

2.2.3. Escrow Coordinator Buyer Comms Seller Comms Closing Self Closing Escrow Contract / Closing Paperwork Management

2.3. CPA

2.4. CFO