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1. Photoshop Tools

1.1. Hand Tool

1.2. Zoom Tool

1.3. Quick Selection Tool

1.4. Eye Tool

1.5. Whiten Teeth Tool

1.6. Straighten Tool

1.7. Type Tool

1.8. Spot Healling Brush Tool

1.9. Crop Tool

1.10. Move Tool

2. How to Used Photoshop

2.1. Begin familiarizing yourself with Photoshop's workspace. Photoshop includes a large variety of tools for modifying images. Many of them can be found easily due to Photoshop's good design layout.

2.2. Understand the menu bar. The menu bar is located at the top of the workspace and organizes commands by category. This bar is common among many programs, including Microsoft Word. Each category in the menu bar has an additional drop-down menu with multiple commands. For example, the "File" category will include any commands associated with the file, including Open, Save, etc.

2.3. Learn the tools palette. This is located on the left side of the workspace and contains tools for adding text, creating and editing artwork, images and other graphic elements. Hover your mouse over each tool for a brief description. They are divided into seven categories: "Selection, Crop and Slice, Measuring, Retouching, Painting, Drawing and type, and Navigation."

2.4. Understand the tools have several options. The control panel (also called the options bar) displays the options (if available) for the tool you are currently working with. These options could include differences in the effect a tool will have when used.

2.5. Many times when you select a tool, you'll have the option of different types of the tool you selected. This will display in a pop out format from the original tool you selected.

2.6. Understand the document window. This is the main portion of the screen where your current file is displayed. When you create a new file you'll be asked what dimension and background color you want to work with.

2.7. Learn the Panels. These are ways to monitor changes you have made to your work and to make modifications. The Panels will display numerical data which can be modified to make changes to your information. Any sort of data about your image you can think of will be included here. Things like color, hue, saturation, etc. can be found in the Panels section of Photoshop. Some Panels are included by default in the Panels sections, but more can be added by selecting "Panels" from the Window menu.

3. Tool Box

3.1. View

3.2. Select

3.3. Enchance

3.4. Draw

3.5. Modify

4. Type Tool

4.1. Vertical Type

4.2. Horizontal Type Mask

4.3. Vertical Type Mask

4.4. Text on Selection

4.5. Text on Shape

4.6. Text on Costum Path

5. Expert Mode Tool Box

5.1. Crop Tool

5.2. Coockie Cutter Tool

5.3. Perspective Crop Tool

5.4. Recompose Tool

5.5. Content-Aware Move Tool

5.6. Straighten Tool