Managing the classroom

Summarized topic "Managing classroom"

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Classroom management

1.1. Manage classroom effectively

1.2. Handle a range of variables

1.2.1. Time

1.2.2. Space

1.3. We need to consider

1.3.1. Self appearance

1.3.2. Use of most valuable assets

1.4. Ability to deal with difficult situations

2. The teacher in the classroom

2.1. Physical presence

2.1.1. The way we move and stand

2.1.2. Demonstration throught physical movement

2.1.3. How we respond to what happend in class Characteristic and habits of movements

3. Proximity

3.1. Consider

3.1.1. How close you should be with students

4. Appropriacy

4.1. How close you get to the students

4.1.1. In general where you sit where you stand

4.1.2. Informal ways Hard friendship with students Sitting on the floor

5. Movement

5.1. All the time in motion

5.1.1. Exhausted students

5.2. No motion

5.2.1. Bored students

5.3. Moderate movement

5.3.1. Without both limits Good attention from students

5.4. Can vary within styles

6. Awareness

6.1. Self aware to response

6.1.1. Aware of students' situation Teachers needs the ability to respond Failing students non Failing students Every type of students

7. Using the voice

7.1. Important to

7.1.1. Project correctly the voice

7.1.2. Moderate voice's tone

8. Audibility

8.1. Teachers need to be audible

8.1.1. Talking to all the class

9. Variety

9.1. Voice management

9.1.1. Reflexive Soothing voice Calming voice

9.2. Autority

9.2.1. Clear voice

9.2.2. Projecting seriousness

10. Conservation

10.1. Teachers have to control their main instrument

10.1.1. To control de air

11. Talking to students

11.1. Adaptation to

11.1.1. Students' needs

11.1.2. Students' vocabulary

11.1.3. Context of the class

11.1.4. What students consider understandable

11.2. Gestures helps a lot

12. Giving instructions

12.1. Keep it simple

12.2. Give meaning to the tasks

12.2.1. Students also have to know what kind of ability to they will develop

12.3. Students should be involved in the intructional part of the task

13. Student talk and Teacher talk

13.1. Level of speech

13.2. Moderate information sharing between teachers and students

13.3. No procrastinating through random topics

13.4. Common sense and experience lead to balance right