Morphological processes and conceptual categories

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Morphological processes and conceptual categories by Mind Map: Morphological processes and conceptual categories

1. Is a change in shape that does not involve add any affix

2. Inflectional

2.1. Seldom "Change" the word class

2.2. Morphology- Processes

3. Derivational

3.1. Changes class root

4. Categorization varies from language to language

5. Conceptual category: Determines some patterns of grammar

5.1. Exists when there's an expectation of patterned behavior

6. Provides meaningful glosses or labels

7. Morphonetic derivation

7.1. Prototypes and clusters

8. Prototypical derivation

8.1. Creates new stems

9. Prefixation

9.1. Add a prefix at the beginning

10. Suffixation

10.1. Add a suffix at the end

11. Infixation

11.1. Add an infix in the middle

12. Circumfixation

12.1. One morpheme has two parts

12.2. One at the beginning and one at the end

13. Stem modification

14. Autosegmental variation

14.1. Change in shape

14.2. Does not involve any consonant or vowel

15. Reduplication

15.1. Repetition of part or all of the root

15.2. Partial reduplication

15.3. Complete reduplication

16. Non-concatenative morphology

16.1. Substractive morphology

16.2. Superimposing a vowel

17. Compounding

17.1. Combines two roots

17.2. Black+ bird: Blackbird

18. Methods to represent morphological processes

18.1. Prose

18.2. Position-class diagrams

18.3. Process rules