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Cubism by Mind Map: Cubism

1. Early Cubism

1.1. depicted objects in space from different view points

2. Analytical Cubism

2.1. breaking down subject and surrounding space into angular facets that come together to illustrate different view points, without attention to color and texture

3. Synthetic Cubism

3.1. collages of interlocked mediums that come together and form one piece depicting different objects

3.2. collage

4. founded by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque & Juan Gris

4.1. inspired by works of African sculpture and painter Paul Cezanne

4.2. cone, cylinder & sphere

4.3. flat & 2 dimensional

4.4. abstract

5. Modern Art Influence

5.1. seem in modern elements of fashion, building, design & pictures

6. 1907-1914