The Various Types of Validity and Reliability

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The Various Types of Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: The Various Types of Validity and Reliability

1. Validity

1.1. Criterion-Related Validity

1.1.1. Predictive Validity Useful and important for aptitude tests refers to how well the test predicts future behaviors of examinees

1.1.2. Concurrent Related Validity provides a good method of estimating the validity of a new test

1.2. Content Validity

1.2.1. Established by inspecting test questions to see whether they correspond to what the user decides should be covered by the test.

1.2.2. specification of what should be included in the content of a test

1.2.3. tests with good content validity evidence match the objectives

2. Reliability

2.1. Test-Retest or Stability

2.1.1. Test is given twice and the correlation between the first and second set of scored is determined

2.2. Alternate Forms of Equivalence

2.2.1. Forms can be used to obtain an estimate of the reliabilty of scores

2.3. Internal Consistency

2.3.1. Kuder-Richardson Methods Measures commanlities of tests equivalent to one another

2.3.2. Split half Methods Equally splitting a test in two in order to determine correlation

2.3.3. Items ought to be correlated with each other, and the test ought to be internally consistent.