Mary Padilla, ENGL 307

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Mary Padilla, ENGL 307 by Mind Map: Mary Padilla, ENGL 307

1. Curiosity

1.1. I was curious in project 1 to see other people's interests in careers. I like to see what other things are offered and what is it about those careers that is appealing to them.

2. Openness

2.1. In project 1 we showed a new way of being and thinking in the world and for our future as professionals by choosing a career and preparing ourselves to be part of that job.

3. Responsability

3.1. In project 2 we showed responsibility when we had to divide the work between all the team members. We assumed responsibility to carry out the task chosen or assigned.

4. Metacognition

4.1. On our reflection memos at the end of the project we were able to reflect on our work which helped us recognize our strengths and our flaws.

5. Flexibility

5.1. By working in groups we learned to be flexible with our schedule in order to work as a group. We also learned to adapt to situations and expectations.

6. Engagement

6.1. In project 2 we had to be extremely engaged and involved in every part of the project in order to succeed as a team. I liked how we would edit each others parts so the paper could have better content.

7. Creativity

7.1. We showed creativity in Project 2 by creating a company and a product that was going to expand in another country.

8. Persistence

8.1. I think we have been persistent throughout the course because both projects that we have completed have required a lot of effort, time, and work. I really liked the projects and I have learned a lot on this course.