The Record Label Industry

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The Record Label Industry by Mind Map: The Record Label Industry

1. The Major Record Labels

1.1. Benefits

1.1.1. Distribution VEVO

1.2. List

1.2.1. Warner Music Group

1.2.2. Sony Music Entertainment Arista Nashville BNA Records Columbia Nashville Columbia Records Epic Records Legacy Recordings Masterworks Provident Label Group www.providentpre RCA Records RCA Records Nashville Roc Nation Sony Music Latin Verity Records

1.2.3. Universal Music Group Universal Music Group (UMG) is an American music group and is the largest in the music industry. It is the largest of the "big four" record companies by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations. Universal Music Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of French media conglomerate Vivendi.

1.3. Consolodated

1.4. Conglomeration

1.4.1. Each made up of dozens of subsidiary record labels

2. Eternal Ruler Records

2.1. Vision

2.1.1. Become the 5th Major Record Label Conglomeration Why? Benefits How? Buy out the major Christian Record Labels Ask the Major Record Labels to combine with us Create the ultimate website for the record labels to sign up underneath

2.2. Services

2.2.1. Recording

2.2.2. Video HD Performances YouTube

2.2.3. Beats

2.2.4. Produce albums

2.2.5. Distribution Internet Physical

2.2.6. SEO Marketing

2.2.7. Marketing SEO Website USB Necklace Content CD

2.2.8. Touring Booking Publicist

2.2.9. Collaboration Matching

3. Definition

3.1. What is a Record Label?

3.1.1. A record label is a group of people who have gotten together to help distribute and fund artists ventures. In the music industry, a record label is a brand and a trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Most commonly, a record label is the company that manages such brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing and promotion, and enforcement of copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos; conducts talent scouting and development of new artists ("artists and repertoire" or A&R); and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers. The term "record label" derives from the circular label in the center of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer's name, along with other information.

4. Getting Started

4.1. Momentum

4.1.1. Everyone signing up on Eternal Ruler

4.1.2. Setting up weekly performances, becoming recognized for preaching Christ and handing out tracts at the end of the show

4.1.3. Where are we going to perform THIS WEEK? Thursday - Farmers Market @ International Marketplace Wednesday - Snappers Open Mic

4.1.4. How can we keep the momentum going? Weekly Meetings No matter what

4.1.5. What are some upcoming event that we can perform at? Two Island Wide Rehearsals - Darin Adams - Connect

4.1.6. What equipment do we have? What other equipment do we still need? Generator for Mobile Performances Two Gigantic Speakers - PA System and a Microphone

4.1.7. Mobile Worship Services Rap songs with a worship focus

4.2. When we are at the shows

4.2.1. What are we gonna sell? Merchandise T shirts Sweaters Albums CDs USB Sticks

5. The Tour

5.1. Big enough reason why

5.1.1. We want to make money doing what we love to do, creating value and showcasing the gospel as well as having fun going to different venues and creating a time pressure and a momentum for our creative juices to keep flowing, inspiration and motivation to write more, and to make this our full time career and passion because it's what we love to do, reaching souls locally in a creative way and building up the practice and the ability and resume to do it nationally as well as internationally

5.2. The How

5.2.1. Lets start tonight, creating a tour and the shows and the songs that are going to be performed and setting up a venue this week, asking for an allotted hour of time or more and then having the different artists come, getting the girl I met in Waikiki to get us deals on the USB Sticks and Chris to create the custom logos for the stickers and also getting a generator and performing with the equipment that I have in Waikiki having

5.2.2. Sending twenty emails as well to toursn