Requeriments of a Restaurant

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Requeriments of a Restaurant by Mind Map: Requeriments of a Restaurant

1. The application will be managed through a tablet worn by the meseres.

2. The orders will be sent via tablet to the chef.

3. If the client wishes to cancel his order he will have a 10 minutes

4. The application will show the corresponding order price

5. If a product is not available at the moment, the chef will notify the waiter to avoid the order

6. If the order has been made, notify the waiter

7. Record a total of the sales made by the waiter.

8. Show the customer's seat with respect to its order id.

9. A final total of the order will be displayed.

10. The application register an id to identify the order of each client.

11. The server enters the application with its corresponding assigned user.

12. The time of the order is recorded, as well as the estimated time for delivery.

13. Orders will be handled according to the order of your order.

14. Notify that the order has been delivered and save it in the order section

15. Allow the customer to rate or write comments about their service.

16. Show a final report per day of the sales made by said user.

17. Filter the best selling products.

18. Filter less-selling products

19. Filter the waiter with higher sales.

20. Save the corresponding changes when changing user.