Human Resource Roles

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Human Resource Roles by Mind Map: Human Resource Roles

1. Recruitment and Hiring

1.1. Screening and selecting potential and qualified candidates.

1.2. Set goals to attract the qualified applicants and that the unqualified opt themselves out.

1.3. Figure out how many new employees are needed

1.4. Reduces the costs of mistakes such as hiring unmotivated and unqualified employees.

2. Maintaining a Safe Environment

2.1. Support workplace safety training

2.2. maintain federally mandated logs for workplace injury and fatality reporting

2.3. Manage the company's workers compensation issues.

3. Employer Employee Relations

3.1. Have the ability to influence behavior and work outputs.

3.2. Promote a healthy and balanced relation between the employee and employer

4. Compensation and Benefits

4.1. Setting compensation structures and evaluating and competitive pay practices.

4.2. Payroll

4.3. May negotiate group health coverage rates with insurers

5. Labor Law Compliance

5.1. Needs to be aware of federal and state employment law

6. Training and Development

6.1. Provides leadership training and professional development

6.2. Improves the current and future performance of and employee

7. Advocate for employees

7.1. Contribute to building a work environment where employees feel satisfied and motivated

7.2. Deploy effective practices such as goal setting and open communication