Using this interdisciplinary lesson plan in intermediate classroom will...

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Using this interdisciplinary lesson plan in intermediate classroom will... by Mind Map: Using this interdisciplinary lesson plan in intermediate classroom will...

1. introduce the sense that human is only a small part of the biggest ecosystem -- the Earth

1.1. ecosystem is vulnerable

1.1.1. any slight change in an ecosystem can interrupt its stability

1.2. human activities can have great impact on ecosystems

1.2.1. human can protect ecosystems forestation recycling stop overhunting conservation of habitat for wild animals

1.2.2. human can damage ecosystems over hunting over cultivating pollution dumping landfill desertification

2. provide an opportunity for students to further understand the interrelationship between components in a ecosystem

3. spark intermediates' interests in field trips to further investigate ecosystems

3.1. physically promote intermediates' well-being

3.2. set the stage for the future development of research skills for intermediates

4. practice intermediates' literacy skills

4.1. inspire intermediates to explore more forms of media literacy which involves human activities on the nature

4.1.1. provide the opportunity to apply media literacy into actual use

4.2. increase their abilities of oral communication and writing due to the workshop delivered to Grade 6 students with little prior knowledge

4.3. peer assessments also helps intermediates learn from their peers' work and reflect on it

4.4. Increase self-esteem and promote positive cross-grade communication between intermediates and juniors

4.4.1. help with intermediate's transitional stage

4.4.2. promote leadership and speech skills

4.4.3. solidify understanding of course content

4.5. Disciplinary literacy & critical literacy

4.5.1. develop the ability to read, write, listen, speak, think and interpret texts critically within the context

5. effectively engage students into meaningful learning

6. promote the proper use of technology and allow intermediates to incorporate technology into learning

6.1. SimUText

6.2. powerpoint

6.3. all other technology that would be used in the workshop

7. develop group work skills

7.1. communication skill

7.2. role distribution

7.3. effective discussion

7.4. time management

8. What can we do to protect ecosystem stabilities?