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Microbiology by Mind Map: Microbiology

1. Bacteria

1.1. Gram +

1.1.1. Gram + like Bacilli Acid Fast Stain

1.1.2. Bacilli Spore Forming Aerobic Anaerobic Non-Spore Forming Non-Motile

1.1.3. Cocci Facultative Anaerobes Catlase + Catalase -

1.2. Gram -

1.2.1. Bacilli Non Lactose Fermenter Oxidase+ Oxidase - Zoonotic Lactose Fermenter Indole + Biochemical tests Urease + H. Pylori Strict Anaerobe Bacteroides Fragilis

1.2.2. Coccobacilli Chocolate Agar X&V factors required

1.2.3. Other (gram - but doesn't stain) Spirochetes Dark field Microscopy Obligate Intracell Need Host ATP Erlichia Anaplasma Phagocytophilia Extracellular Obligate Aerobe No peptidoglycan

2. Viruses

2.1. DNA

2.1.1. Icosohedral nucleocapsid Linear DS SS DS circle naked

2.1.2. Complex nucleocapsid Enveloped LARGEST VIRUS

2.2. RNA

2.2.1. Icosohedral nucleocapsid Enveloped SS+ Naked SS+ nonsegmented DS segmented

2.2.2. Helical nucleocapsid Enveloped SS+ nonsegmented SS- segmented SS- nonsegmented