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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. 1. Formative

1.1. Definition: In-progress assessment, can be with multiple different formats

1.1.1. Examples: Exit/Entrance Ticket, Questioning Here is a link to an example!

2. 2. Interim/Benchmark

2.1. Definition: An assessment given usually standardized that evaluates what students have learned and needs to know in comparison to other students

2.1.1. Example: STARR and MAP Here is a link to an example.

3. 3. Summative

3.1. Definition: Assessment at the end of an instructional period

3.1.1. Example: District Assessment and CFA

4. 4. Performance

4.1. Definition: An authentic assessment based on the students work

4.1.1. Example: one pager and project (diorama, song, etc) Here is an example of an one pager project.

5. 5. Diagnostic

5.1. Definition: A pre-assessment used to adjust and create a lesson based on students prior knowledge

5.1.1. Example: Google Form and Entrance ticket


6.1. Opening

6.1.1. What do you remember about ________?

6.1.2. How would you generalize _______?

6.2. Guiding

6.2.1. How is ________ connected to _______?

6.2.2. What facts can you gather _________?

6.3. Closing

6.3.1. What was your favorite ________? Why?

6.3.2. What is your opinion of _______? Why?