Tell-tale heart

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Tell-tale heart by Mind Map: Tell-tale heart

1. 2. A madman does not plan an assassination so well

2. 3. I didn't hate the old man, but his vulture eye made me shudder

3. 4. I decided to kill him

4. 5. I lasted seven nights trying

5. 6. Every night, at midnight towards the attempt.

6. 7. The vulture eye was not showing.

7. 8. Last night my ears get sharper

8. 9. When opening the door a ray of light fell on the vulture eye

9. 10. The old man listened but did not know what it was

10. 11. I feel more nervous

11. 12. I choked him with the covers until his heart stopped beating while I laughed

12. 13. I dismembered it

13. 14. Pick up two floorboards and hide the body

14. 15. A neighbor called the police

14.1. 1.I'm a little nervous, but I'm not crazy

15. 16. Police arrived

15.1. 17. I attended to them nonchalantly

16. 18. I heard a short heartbeat

17. 19. I felt the police would be suspicious

18. 20. I heard her heart getting louder