Interactive Art in the Park

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Interactive Art in the Park by Mind Map: Interactive Art in the Park

1. Communications Plan

1.1. Persons of Contact Doc

1.2. Media Response Plan

1.3. Artist Statements

1.4. Press Release

2. Maintenance Plan

2.1. Deliverables

2.1.1. Persons of Contact Doc

2.1.2. Schedule for regular maintenance

2.1.3. List of service providers/contractors

3. Art Installation 1 (Central Park area)

4. Seating/Benches for general use

4.1. Seating for live performance area

4.2. Seating for parents at playground area

4.3. Seating outside restrooms

4.4. Stacked Benches near dog park

4.5. Picnic tables

5. Art Installation 2 (Park Entrance area)

6. Art Installation 3 (Live Performance Area)

7. Wayfinding Signs and map for directions around park